Roma Sondhi is from Wolverhampton, England and is studying Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of Bath.

She joined the Spotahome Student Ambassador Program back in May of last year.

You may be wondering, what is a Student Ambassador and what do they do?

Spotahome Ambassadors represent Spotahome amongst the student community. They are Spotahome’s voice on Campus and in their city. They interact with others and build trustworthy relationships as well as plan, host and attend parties and events. Spotahome Ambassadors Score points and compete against each other.

Last term, Roma was our gold medalist!!!!

She has shown constant involvement, motivation and willingness to learn everything she could.

“Being a Student Ambassador is all about communication, something I value as a language student. Not only do I connect with people from all over the world, but I’m part of a team of other like-minded individuals. I can be creative and independent, and I have the flexibility to fit my work into my busy schedule, wherever I go.”

Roma loves meeting new people from different countries and introducing new students to university life.

For anyone thinking of joining her university we asked her for some advice on settling in:

“The best introduction at my university would be to join the others at the Students Union where the atmosphere is so friendly and relaxing and where newbies will instantly feel at ease. The other students are very welcoming and you’re sure to make some lifetime friends there!

After joining the program, Roma moved to Barcelona for a few months where she was a marketing intern at Onedirect.


Here she shared a huge apartment with 6 other people from different parts of the world which reminded her of the french movie L’Auberge Espagnol (the spanish apartment) - highly recommended if you haven’t seen it!!!. The storyline could easily have been inspired by a Spotahome experience.

Her outgoing personality and excellent communication skills made her integration very easy and in no time at all she was already promoting Spotahome amongst her network in the Catalan Capital.

"As an ambassador for Spotahome I have been able to develop, gain and improve upon many different skills, especially my communication skills”

Apart from her internship and enjoying the “Spanish Fiestas” she attended Meet-Up groups and language exchanges. The spotters in the office can attest the huge improvement in her Spanish. Enhorabuena!!!


Roma is now back home in Bath for a Semester preparing her next experience abroad!!

Her new adventure will begin in Saint Petersburg where she will attend St Petersburg State University for 3 months.
She has promised to keep us posted with all details.

This will definitely be a unique experience for her where she will live and learn from a completely different culture than her own.

At Spotahome we are excited hear all about it.