Okay, Christmas is literally just around the corner (How did this happen?!) and being an expat, Christmas gifts were always a question mark. I normally go home at some point around holiday time and my family quickly learned that my very limited suitcase size means I probably won’t be able to enjoy the gift back in my second home. If you’re struggling trying to find practical Christmas gifts for expats, have a read ?

So what are some of the most practical Christmas gifts for expats?

1. Food from their home country

Expats are simple human beings. The one thing we miss the most is…. food. Believe it or not, no matter how much you might dislike your home country, almost everyone will admit that they miss the food the most. So do your fellow expat a favour this Christmas and prepare the ultimate delivery – a large box of food products from their home country. We’re talking anything from mince pies and REAL peanut butter to any common item in the refrigerator you know they can’t enjoy anymore.

2. Plug adapters!

One of the things we forget to pack when we move abroad is outlets – Americans or Brits moving to Europe often feel this pain. Once you move abroad, you have to make sure you get an adapter suitable for your country’s socket type. And if you buy any foreign electronic, you will have to also buy an adapter for your home country if you happen to go back home. It’s complicated business. Bonus points if it’s a multi-purpose plug for the ones that love to travel.

Photo source: http://cdn.gearpatrol.com/

3. New luggage

Here’s the cold hard truth – young expats have no money. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t bought a new suitcase in years and every time I travel I’m reminded that I absolutely need to. Suitcases are expensive. As long as it closes, I’m using it. Come on, am I the only one? We love anything from suitcases, backpacks to carry-on luggage – trust me, we’ll really appreciate it.

4. IKEA vouchers

Finding accommodation can be hard and it usually takes away a lot of our hard earned money. Bring a smile to our face and buy us a voucher that’ll help us decorate our home and buy the essentials we need to survive the first few months of the #expatlife. We’ll love you forever.

5. Calendars and agendas

Bonus point if you put all important birthdays on it. Ever since I became an expat, I became terrible at remembering people’s birthdays. Luckily for me, my family sends me reminders – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be on anyone’s Christmas list if that didn’t happen… Take it from me – writing down birthdays is always useful. And don’t rely on Facebook’s birthday notifications.

6. Plane tickets

December is the most expensive time to fly and buying plane tickets during Christmas is a nightmare. One of the best Christmas gifts for expats is a plane ticket to their home country – that is, if they choose to go home for Christmas ? Bonus points for flight upgrades.

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