So you took the brilliant decision to move to the best city in the world

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Really, you couldn't pick a better place than the British capital, the city that never sleeps, the European hub of creativity, music and fashion.

But WHERE should you move? London is vast and dispersive, it is hard to choose an area. Whether you are moving with your family, your pet or alone, make sure to check our Spotahome London neighbourhood guides to really get a sense of the different areas and understand which one you belong to.

When moving to a new city, it's also important to understand how safe is that area we've picked and that's why we've selected the 7 safest places to live in London:


Richmond upon Thames in South West London is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and safest areas in London. Right on the riverside in the South West of the city, Londoners and tourists alike flock here on sunny days to enjoy the riverside, the dear-filled park, the local street life and the pubs. With one of the lowest crime rate in London, it's also one of the best places if you are moving to London with your children.


A beautiful, expensive suburb, popular with diplomats and millionaires, Hampstead is also a magnet for young families and students. If you like swimming, you are going to love jumping in the pools at Hamstead Heath, if you prefer the Pimm's + picnic combo, you can also head to Regent's Park and, why not? Primrose Hill is just a stone's throw away.

Notting Hill

No list about the best areas to live in London is complete, without mentioning the beautiful and fashionable streets of Notting Hill. Perfect for families and young professional, this neighbourhood is a great base for those moving to London for the first time but also for people who don't like to get bored.


Voted the best place to live in London in 2018, Bermondsey has surely improved a lot in the last decade. I remember moving there in 2008 and feeling totally unsafe while walking around. However, today is a cool, up and coming, creative and young hub. Definitely a neighbourhood to consider if you are looking for a safe place to live].

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