There is only one thing I love more than pizza.
And that is a good brunch.

As you all know I have Italian blood and carbs running through my veins, but I do also love eggs Royale and avocado on toasts.

In fact, I love brunch so much that a few years ago, I started a brunch + photo walk meet up in London. I always loved the combo food + friends, so every month I'd bring together strangers at a selected restaurant or cafe in London to eat brunch, get to know each other and discover a new neighbourhood through photography.

Through Instagram, between 2013 and 2016 I organised dozens of brunch meet ups in London, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Tuscany and later on, as I was travelling, even in Delhi and Kochin (India).

Today I want to propose one of my favourite self-guided walk in London, starting from one of my favourite brunch spots. And where could I start if not from the cutest and most colourful neighbourhood in London?

Notting Hill Brunch + Self-Guided InstaWalk

First of all, if you are not very familiar with the Notting Hill neighbourhood, make sure to read our detailed guide. As you probably know, Notting Hill is at its best on Saturdays, during the Portobello Road Market. However, if you are looking for better photo opportunities (AKA less crowds), you might want to consider going there during the week.


Granger and Co. is always my go-to when I'm in the area. The restaurant belongs to Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger. There are other three Granger and Co. restaurants in London: Chelsea, Clerkenwell and King's Cross. They might change the menu, but when it comes to Granger's, I never change, I always get the fabulous ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter. Heaven made food.

Self Guided InstaWalk

  • Start: Granger and Co.
  • End: Ladbroke Grove station
  • **Time: **2 hours

You can either print the map below or download my itinerary at this link..

Once you've filled your belly with the most amazing Aussie brunch in London, exit the restaurant and turn left on Westbourne Grove. There are a lot of cute shops and boutiques on this road if you feel like doing some shopping. When ready, walk up to the roundabout where you'll make a right onto Ledbury Road. At the end of the road, turn left and then right on Londsdale Road and enter Colville Mews on your right. Our first gorgeous mews of this walk is filled with ** colourful houses, flowers pots and cute doors**. Make sure to take some shots for your Instagram account before heading back on the main road.

Once back on Lonsdale Road, turn right three times, and keep your camera ready for the lovely houses on Colville Road and on Colville Terrace. Once you reach Powis Square, you'll see more gorgeous British houses, before taking your second left onto Powis Mews. This is a very photogenic street in the Notting Hill neighbourhood.
At the end, cross the street on Westbourne Park Road and walk onto St. Luke's Mews. This is probably the most photographed street in London, thanks to its cute houses and being featured in the film Notting Hill.

Halfway down St.Luke's Mews, jump onto All Saints Road on your right and at the roundabout turn left on Lancaster Road to see the rainbow-coloured houses.
From here, you can either go back to St. Luke's Mews to see the other houses or take a left onto Basin Street and then a right onto Westbourne Park Rd. Take your second left onto Portobello Road.
Let's make a short detour, by taking your first right to visit the gorgeous shop Biscuiteers. Named by Vogue as one of the most instagrammable places in London, this cafe and sweets lab is a mandatory stop. If you are feeling peckish, make sure to stop here to get a sweet snack! Once you're done with cupcakes, biscuits and instashots, let's head back onto Portobello Road.

Make sure to stop outside the historic Electric Cinema and pop in to take a look at the classic interior. For all Notting Hill movie fans, please note the shop named 'Notting Hill' at No 142 Portobello Road: it Hugh Grant's bookshop in the famous film starring Julia Roberts.
If you are visiting on a Saturday, enjoy the Portobello Road Market's stalls until you reach Westbourne Grove and straight ahead Ladbroke Gardens. Cross the road and walk down Landsdown Crescent to admire the beauty of the terrace houses. PS: they are always a giant likes hit on Insta.

Take your time to enjoy your last part of the walk: take Ladbroke Road on your right before turning left and taking Kensington Park Gardens. At the end of the road, cross the street twice to return on Portobello Road. Here are the most famous and pastel houses on the street, which are perfect for more instashots. As you walk south,  first stop at Denbigh Terrace, where pink and blue houses will add even more pastel colour to your gallery. At the end of the road cross the street, and take your first left into the arch at the entrance to the curving Pencombe Mews. Walk until you get to the end, taking in the green doors as you do. When the mews dead ends, turn around and make your way back to Denbigh Terrace and then Portobello Road. Here, keep walking and peek down Denbigh Close, another very pretty street, before stopping at Simon Close, again on your left side. This mews is less known than others, but it's full of gorgeous houses. Once back on Portobello Road, keep walking until the end of the road which joins Pembridge Road to your final stop at Notting Hill Gate tube Station.

I'm thinking about creating a series of these self-guided walks around London. Would you like to see more tours?

Let me know in the comments below!

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