GUEST AUTHOR: Kärt Sikk, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.
What better than starting your day with something delicious?

London is packed with bakeries, cafes, and restaurants, so how can you choose that ideal place?
Here are five of my favorite spots not to be missed!

The Breakfast Club

This is the first in the list, not just by random choice, but because it is my personal favorite breakfast spot in London. But the usual queue that extends to even to the outside of the cafe shows that it is a favorite of many others as well. The breakfast menu consists of the classics: oat milk porridge, eggs on toast, avocado on rye, and many more. The decorations inside are incredibly hipster-y and totally instagrammable!

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The Breakfast Club location, or should I say locations are also another awesome plus. It has 11 locations all over London, including Oxford, Soho, and Croydon.

If all that is not convincing enough, there is even more reasons to visit. If you are not an early bird like me and do not feel like leaving the house before 12pm, you can also pay the Breakfast Club a visit after 12pm. Until 5pm you can still get all the yummy breakfast dishes with an addition of some lunch specials, including pancakes with bacon and fried chicken and waffles.

Granger & Co.:

Granger & Co. is an Australian cafe that has made its way to London! This is my favourite spot when I am in the mood for pancakes.

Granger & Co. offers you simply divine food and an enjoyable atmosphere due to its cozy lights and large windows that allow the sun to brighten up the room. The perfect place to get a good start to your day.

Although, keep in mind - there is always a queue! So make sure that when you do go, you are not in hurry. But I must say that it is definitely worth the wait!

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Dominique Ansel Bakery:

Do you have a sweet tooth? Dominique Ansel Bakery is an excellent place to satisfy your sweet cravings. The two foods I need to point out at this place are their to-die-for cronuts and incredible brownies that have milk inside. Definitely worth the calories! Although they do have so many other mouth-watering things on the menu! While the menu mostly includes sweet foods, it does have savory things as well. So, something for everyone!

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Sketch is what comes to my mind when I think of the perfect cup of afternoon tea. Although their tea choices are top-notch, they also serve appetizing breakfast. To be quite honest, I think that this place should qualify as a sightseeing destination in London.

Sketch has several rooms, including an all-pink room! The creativity in the cafe goes as far as the unique bathrooms that are shaped as large eggs (definitely check them out when there). Every angle and room of the entire place is the perfect spot to snap that Instagram-worthy shot! Although Sketch is more on the higher-end side, it is still definitely worth a visit for a delicious bite of breakfast, wide-variety of teas, and the superb Instagram photo!

What are your favorite breakfast places in London? Tell us in the comments!

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