Although known as a business and finance area, Canary Wharf is one of those places where you can get that dreamy apartment with one of the most perfect views ever. While it may not be a popular tourist attraction, it’s definitely a place to come when you’re in need of some extraordinary sights of the city. And, of course, being surrounded by water doesn’t hurt either.

Food and Shopping

When it comes to shopping, you can find everything you need in the Canary Wharf shopping centre, which features 120 stores and includes boutiques, designer labels, as well as budget-friendly shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. But Canary Wharf also offers some of the best fine dining experiences ever!

Old Fire Station

While Canary Wharf is definitely modern, there’s one historical food place that’s worthy of a visit. One of the most memorable restaurants is definitely the Old Fire Station, which has been around since 1877. The building is also known to pay a tribute to the first serving firewomen that fought in World War II.

Address: 463 Westferry Road | E14 3 An, London E14 3AN, England


When you're in Canary Wharf, restaurants with a view is what you're probably after. And Plateau definitely fits the bill, even though you might have to reach deep in your pocket to pay it. This is French cuisine on a new level - quite literally!

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Address: 4th Floor, Canada Square, London E14 5ER

Bella Cosa

Bella Cosa is an Italian restaurant, located right next to the picturesque harbour. This intimate space is ideal for romantic dinners for couples that are craving some new twists on that traditional Italian cuisine.

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Address: Drewry House 213 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9FJ

Parks in Canary Wharf

While Canary Wharf might not be a historical area where you can find plenty of monuments and parks, it’s definitely an area where you can take a relaxing walk on the walkway and admire the stunning views of the River Thames.

Crossrail Place Gardens

As the name suggests, these gardens are located on the rooftop of a crossrail and they’re definitely worthy of your visit. Surround yourself with greenery and take a break

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Mudchute Park and Farm

A countryside? In London? It’s true! The Mudchute park is known as London’s city farm and a place where you can visit over 100 animals which include British rare breeds. The 32 acre site is open to the public and it’s been around since 1977!

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Places to Visit Nearby

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The Greenwich Foot tunnel is a 1000-foot long underwater tunnel that connects the Isle of Dogs area to Greenwich. It takes about 10 minutes to walk through it, but the experience is definitely amazing.

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Museum of London Docklands

Want to learn about the capital’s story from the beginning to modern times? This is the place to be! Although Canary Wharf might feature modern buildings, you can definitely get an entire history lesson of London from the Museum of London Docklands.

  • Address: No.1 Warehouse, West India Quay, London E14 4AL

The Dock

This is perhaps one of the most unusual settings London can offer. While this city doesn't have a beach or even an ocean, the Canary Wharf dock will make you feel like it does. Seagulls, water, boats,... it's a perfect place to relax!

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Canary Wharf boasts plenty of transportation links, making it one of the most convenient locations ever. Along with the Jubilee Line, it also has access to DLR (Docklands Light Railway) which can easily take you to Stratford, Lewisham, and Beckton.


Canary Wharf is one of the most expensive areas of the city, so you’ll have to reach deep in your wallet to make sure you can make the most out of this neighborhood.

Neighborhood Tips

Canary Wharf is a perfect place to relax your mind and walk along the River Thames pathways. Don’t forget to visit the area during the sunset - it’s totally magical!

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