Love was in the air this past week, and we were definitely in love with our #SpottyHousesoftheWeek. Let’s fall back in love with them again in this week’s round-up:
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 13 February 2015](]( 13 February 2015
**13 February 2015**
While Friday the 13th is an unlucky day in some countries, if you were in Granada and looking for an apartment with views of the Alhambra and an amazing terrace, then it was your lucky day! We featured this gorgeous [studio apartment![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") right in Granada’s Plaza del Realejo. In addition to the terrace and its spectacular views, as well a pull-out couch below the lofted [double bed![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") in the living [room![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop"), it benefits from an amazing location in Granada’s old judería characterized by whitewashed houses with terraced gardens at the feet of the Alhambra. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? [Book it![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 14 February 2015](]( 14 February 2015
**14 February 2015**
Our Valentine was this beautifully-decorated apartment in one of the best area’s of Madrid, Chamberí on on Calle de Quesada. With pops of color against crisp, white walls, this one-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is an absolute beauty. The colorful living space has beautiful furniture and plenty of [room![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") to entertain guests or to [host![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") them on the pull-out couch. It also benefits from being in one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods that’s close to hipster Malasaña and student areas, not to mention having amazingly cute boutiques and [restaurants![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") in the vicinity. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 15 February 2015](]( 15 February 2015
**15 February 2015**
In Ancient Rome, February 15th was the feast of Lupercalia, which was a festival celebrating springtime, and this luxurious one-bedroom apartment in the San Giovanni district definitely makes us warm up in the dead of winter. The A/C and central heating make this apartment comfortable any time of year, and among the highlights of the carefully-picked furniture is an ottoman that turns into a single bed that is perfect for hosting overnight guests. In addition, the living room and kitchen have an open layout which creates a very spacious feel. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 16 February 2015](]( 16 February 2015
**16 February 2015**
We then headed back to Spain, but this time to the Casco Antiguo of Sevilla, where you can find this spacious one-bedroom apartment in the middle of an area full of vibrant culture from theater to bullfights. It has a living room with a dining area and a bedroom with a double bed. The bathroom is equipped with a small bathtub as well. The living room is very quaint and receives a lot of sunlight. There is an A/C unit as well, so tenants can stay nice and cool during the summer months.Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 17 February 2015](]( 17 February 2015
**17 February 2015**
We switched historic centers on Tuesday, this time heading to Valencia’s Ciutat Vella to this three-bedroom walk-up located just around the corner from the Iglesia de Santa Catalina (famous for its towers). The adjacent plaza (also called Santa Catalina) is home to two of the city’s most famous horchaterías (the famous drink from Valencia that’s absolutely delicious any time of day, especially with a fartón) as well as plenty of places for locals and tourists alike to sip a cup of coffee. From this apartment you’ll be able to explore Valencia on foot with ease and have an independent key for your room, ideal for those with safety as a top priority. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 17 February 2015](]( 18 February 2015
**18 February 2015**
On Wednesday, we went back to an area we love: La Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona’s bohemian neighborhood and one of the most desirable to live in all of the city to not-just-your-average [studio apartment![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop"). What is it that makes this apartment different from all the rest? As you enter the apartment you will find the fully equipped kitchen on the left hand side, and a door providing access to the terrace and the shared pool (ideal for cooling off during humid summers in Barcelona), furnished with a large dining table with six chairs and an umbrella, providing you with a great space for outdoor dining. There is a comfy living area furnished with a sofa, a coffee table and a flat screen TV. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 19 February 2015](]( 19 February 2015
**19 February 2015**
To end the week, we went back to Madrid to one of our favorite areas of the city with this spacious and modern one-bedroom apartment just off of Plaza de Olavide in the heart of the ideal Chamberí district of Madrid. Plaza de Olavide is a true hidden gem that divides Trafalgar from Almagro that’s full of bars and restaurants to enjoy cups of coffee on sunny days or on warm nights. Tenants will love the balance of the authentic Madrid lifestyle with being able to take in all of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.The apartment has plenty of storage space, natural light, AND is in a doorman building. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it [here](
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