Greetings, Spotters! This week’s round-up is extra special because we can now welcome our latest #SpottyCity, Milan, into the mix. And that’s where we start this week’s round-up of the #SpottyHousesoftheWeek…
[![#SpottyHouse of the Day 20 February 2015](]( of the Day 20 February 2015
**Friday 20 February 2015**
We [started![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") things off with this gorgeous one-bedroom apartment, our first to be featured in our latest #SpottyCity, Milan. Located in the Navigli district, the city’s most romantic, this intimate apartment boasts a large terrace with some extra storage space that overlooks a private street, giving you absolute privacy in an area full of locals to enjoy the remaining canals and apertivos. We couldn’t think of a better place to take in the fashion and gastronomy Milan has to offer! Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here: [](
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 21 February 2015](]( 21 February 2015
**Saturday 21 February 2015**
To continue living in the lap of luxury, we [traded![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") Milan for Sevilla with this luminous, sleek, and charming studio loft in the heart of the El Arenal section of the Casco Antiguo. This apartment is beautifully decorated in a building with a common terrace that is perfect for sunbathing or just relaxing in the delightful Andalusian sun, which radiates through the apartment’s big windows. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 22 February 2015](]( 22 February 2015
**Sunday 22 February 2015**
This Sunday Funday saw us hit the hipster part of Valencia’s L’Example district featuring this five-bedroom apartment. With easy access to the city center, and lounge areas inside the [rooms![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") themselves (with pull-out couches to host friends over weekends!), this mixture of tradition and modernity guarantees a comfortable stay with fantastic amenities. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:[rooms![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop")-with-sofas-in-hipster-district-of-L-Eixample_ad87303.html
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 23 February 2015](]( 23 February 2015
**Monday 23 February 2015**
We then headed up the Mediterranean coast to the Ciutat Comtal to this elegant three-bedroom property in Barcelona’s upscale Sant Gervasi neighborhood. This apartment is ideal for those needing to study or [work from home with![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") three desks and chairs that make for great work spaces. In addition, there are two exterior balconies, one being a private one off the master bedroom (and a great oasis on warm days!). Think that this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 24 February 2015](]( 24 February 2015
**Tuesday 24 February 2015**
After taking the AVE back to Madrid, we ended up in this immaculate one-bedroom apartment in Madrid that has a number of extra amenities (sheets and towels, a cleaning service, and a dishwasher!) that will make it a great place to experience our hometown. Located off of Plaza de España, you can access the center, hipster Malasaña, and the Intercambiador de Príncipe Pío all on foot. If you want to be able to get your feet wet in a whole slew of the city’s best areas within a ten-minute walk, then this is the place for you. Best of all, the bills are included in the price of rent! Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 25 February 2015](]( 25 February 2015
**Wednesday 25 February 2015**
Returning to La Dolce Vita in Rome, we found ourselves in this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the heart of Trastevere, one of Rome’s most-desirable neighborhoods that is often compared to New York’s West Village. The highlight of this apartment is the large kitchen with plenty of space to cook delicious Italian specialties and to house all of your out-of-town guests. With the added bonus of the beautiful plazas, streets, and cafés and [restaurants![](](# "Click to Continue > by macshop") outside your door, you’ll truly love living in this treasured Roman area. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:
[![#SpottyHouseoftheDay 26 February 2015](]( 26 February 2015
**Thursday 26 February 2015**
To end our week in #SpottyHouses, we went to Granada to this four-bedroom property on Granada’s Gran Vía, right in the city center. All of the rooms are doubles with beautiful tiled floors, giving you plenty of space even in the center of everything the city of Granada has to offer. The apartment is a traditional Andalusian home, giving you the feel of the city’s history while you’re at home. Think this could be your next #SpottyHouse? Book it here:
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