This will be the ONLY vegan guide you need to ensure you try the best spots in the city of Hamburg. This city is home to a Speicherstadt a world heritage site that has the the largest amount of warehouses located in one spot spanning over around 260,000 square meters built in the late 19th century. Hamburg is also one of the greenest cities in Europe and many cities within Germany and Europe as a whole want to preserve the nature that they have.

Germany is one of the leading European countries trying to cut down meat consumption and in order to do this introducing many vegan alternatives in supermarkets and restaurants.

From fast food to healthy hearty meals here are a few spots, 11 to be exact of places in Hamburg you need to try out!

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Froindlichst - The Vegan Musketeers

This spot is a favourite for many. Froindlichst has locations not only in Hamburg but also Berlin. If you are craving a good burger and some sensational desserts this may be the place for you. The Vegan Musketeers started with a simple idea “At the time, both of them noticed that you could count the number of vegan food spots in Hamburg on one hand”. This idea started in 2015 and from then began spreading their vegan cuisine to inspire many and get more people introduced to the amazing food that can be made trying to cause minimal harm.

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An Vegan House

Vietnamese inspired dishes that will leave your stomach and heart happy! This spot offers healthy options to vegans without compromising flavour. An Vegan House is popular in the city and for good reason for vegans and non vegans alike, the concept of this restaurant is mixing Vietnamese food in a tapas sharing type meal.

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Bodhi - Vegan Living

Working with the tagline #ALLVEGANEVERYTHING this Vietnamese spot works to use natural ingredients and vegan sushi. Here you can find food and sip on amazing cocktails while you chat with your friends on a chill afternoon. If you want a warm and friendly vibe Bodhi is somewhere you need to give a try!

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Apple & Eve - Vegan & Natural

Home to the vegan fast and slow food. “Clean eating without additives” Apple & Eve offers burgers, kebabs, schnitzels and more! If you want super comforting food in a space that is welcoming and accommodating you should deffo give this spot a try. Especially if you want to try Schnitzel, a common dish eaten within Germany without having to eat meat!

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Lily Hamburg - Lily of The Valley

This self proclaimed stylistic bistro offers lunch and dinner options. Don’t be put off the small menu what they make they make well! A little tip from us is to get the blueberry pancakes. Lily of the valley is an amazing little spot and the food they make will have you going back for more.

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A little luck is always nice right. This lucky little spot is great for brunch or dinner and drinks with friends. Enjoy poke bowls, burgers and desserts and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of great food with a homemade feeling. Innerluck has a creative menu that will always give you something new to try each time.

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The Vegan Eagle

From quinoa salad to curry to zucchini tartar this place has a wide assortment of dishes. The Vegan Eagle is a charming spot that has a small menu that is continually changing in order to keep fresh ideas and ingredients flowing within the restaurant to consumers. Fresh and modern cuisine offers people with a touch of amazing flavours .Also if you are gluten free they have options for you too!

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This plant based Korean restaurant that serves the best vegan bibimbap you will try in the city and bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes). The servings in Kini are big so you may even have some delicious leftovers to take home a small taste of Korea in Hamburg.

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Bidges & Sons

If you want vegan junk food that you can eat on a rooftop look no further. Bidges and Sons makes food for the heart and soul that will give you the ability to eat food within good vibes. This relaxed and chill atmosphere with super cool ambience makes this place popular with Hamburg residents and visitors.

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Nøne Meat Hamburg

This food is absolutely epic! Nøne Meat Hamburg is a Turkish inspired restaurant that has an amazing selection and combinations that you can make your own to your taste. They have various doner kebab options for vegans. Good food, good vibes any time of day.

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Is Hamburg Vegan Friendly?

Yes! Germany as a whole is leading the way producing meat alternatives so you will not only find many vegan restaurants and non vegan restaurants having many options. When you go to the supermarket there will also be many options and meat alternatives that you can choose from. The modern city is keeping up with the change of consumers' wants and needs and you will find yourself welcomed within this space.

Other notable places are Citta Vegan House, Feldstern, Pizza Social Club, Loving Hut Hamburg, TA Vegan House, and Vincent Vegan.

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Thinking About Moving To Hamburg?

Hamburg is a beautiful port city in the north of Germany. The vibrant neighbourhoods showcase 19th century architecture lining the streets as you walk through the city. If you want to find your home away from home and are thinking about moving to Hamburg check out this beautiful studio apartment.

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