Guest post by Alex Cameron, Spotahome Student Ambassador

As a student I understand the reality of having to find things which are a) Educational and b) Cheap. Instead of just learning about the culture of a foreign country, or the tools used by our European ancestors, why not go and see for yourself? In this guide I will give a rundown of some of the best free museums in London.

Natural History Museum

Open every day from 10:00-17:50 this museum attracts thousands of visitors every year. What I love about it is that it has something for everyone; tourists and locals, school-children and adults alike. Some of the greatest displays of nature you will see in a museum, with skeletons and even preserved articles. Whether it’s sea creatures or the evolution of man, chances are you can find it here. If you’re willing to splash some cash then they have various exhibitions over the year. They have late openings and movie nights, and an ice rink in winter!

Natural History Museum

Science Museum

Just round the corner from the Natural History Museum is the Science Museum that will make even the most intellectual think. With something new every visit, you can explore some of humanity’s greatest inventions and the development of science. Maybe you enjoy planes and trains, or the biological battle against antibiotic resistance, it truly is a marvel to behold.

Having done my share of travelling, I recently went to the ‘Illuminating India’ exhibition. Firstly it was free, but more importantly it gave me a great deal of nostalgia seeing some of the places I had visited.** Looking for a cheap day out? Then this is a great choice.**

Illuminating India: Photgraphy

Imperial War Museum

Open since 1936, and not far from the London Eye is a place to explore the evolution of war in the last century.
I remember coming here as a child and being amazed by the size and technology of what was on show. It’s incredibly eye opening to get an insight as to how those just a few generations before us had to live in fear of war. A careful reminder of the tragedies that occured and an opportunity to be grateful that because of them we can live in relative freedom.

Imperial War Museum London

British Library

You may dispute including this in a list of museums, but knowing that the Bitish Library is the second largest library in the world with more than 150 million articles you may want to reconsider.

Maybe you don’t want to spend the day walking around, but need a nice place to study. This is a great choice. They also offer a number of free exhibitions and workshops to keep you entertained. Even if it’s just to write your 5000 word essay, it’s well worth a visit.

Victoria and Albert

Right next to the Natural History and Science Museum is one for the more sophisticated - The V&A. If you have an appreciation for fine art and architecture then this should excite you. With free exhibitions throughout the year and even art courses (for the more affluent amongst us) whatever your level of interest there’s something to enjoy.

Not keen on wild Friday nights? The V&A is open till 22:00 on Fridays. Are you looking to woo a special someone? Taking them here will show them your sophisticated side (my friend actually asked someone to be his girlfriend here recently!). Good to know that all exhibitions are free for members, so if you know you would visit regularly consider getting a yearly membership.

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