Written by Liz Turner, Takelessons

Stuck in Valencia for a few days or looking for some new inspiration as a resident? Although small, the city has a lot to offer. It’s time to explore the endless cobblestone streets, hop into some new undiscovered museums, hunt for fantastic street art and be reminded of endless charms of this seaside city with rich history. Here’s top 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Valencia!

Did you know that Las Fallas, Valencia’s most famous festival, has been described “a cross between a bawdy Disneyland, the Fourth of July, and the end of the world!” It is by far the most accurate description we have seen.

1. People watch!

With over 7 plazas to choose from, Valencia is an excellent place to indulge in some people watching. Take a seat, grab a paella on the go, bring a book and spend a day observing your surroundings. You might even spot some plaza locals – or become one! Turia River Park, along with the Cabecera Park are also an excellent choice if you find yourself bored with nothing to do.

2. Haggle the prices at the Central Market

Valencia’s Central Market is one of the oldest European markets, built in 1928. For most people visiting Valencia, the market is a one visit wonder, however, the more you get to know the vendors, the more likely you will be able to haggle amazing prices for fruits, vegetables and meat. And if everything fails, you can always still enjoy the beautiful colors and smells of this extraordinary market.

Address:Plaza del Mercado 6, Valencia 46001

Opening hours: Mon – Sat 7:30am – 2:30pm. Closed Sundays.

3. Spot the street art!

Get inspired by Valencia’s incredible street art – you can’t miss it, it’s practically everywhere. Artists such as Hyuro, Escif and many many others often transform a blank wall into an eye-opening storytelling image.

Some of the most famous street art include:

4. Search for best paella

Please note that while most restaurants claim to have the best paella in the city, only a few of them live up to their words. The preparation of paella isn’t as simple as one might think – it takes hours to cook and it absolutely, under no circumstances, cannot be frozen. You might even have to reserve a table 48 hours in advance in the most authentic restaurants if you really want to experience the best paella in Valencia.

5. Explore the beach!

There is a lot more to Valencia than the Malvarosa beach! Go on a weekend adventure and explore beaches such as El Saler, Port Saplaya or Sagunto beach – all definitely worth a visit and you might even be able to avoid the endless crowds. After all, life is just a one big beach!

Written by Liz Turner, Takelessons

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