You can never get bored of Paris. Between museums, popular tourist attractions, shopping, and food, there's hardly any time to check out the alternatives. But the truth is, Paris has plenty unusual things you can check out, perfect for those who have visited the city several times and are in need of a new thrill.

1. Roman Ruins

Paris isn’t just all about that contemporary art and fashion! You can actually find several Roman ruins that are well worth your time. Check out Archaeology Travel’s self-guided walking tour to more than 15 Roman ruins around Paris!

2. Climb the Viewpoints

You don’t need to queue up to get to the Eiffel Tower for the best views. These are some of the best viewpoints in Paris, with way less tourists!

  • Terrasse du Printemps Haussmann
  • 9th Floor of Holiday Inn Paris at Rue Dantona
  • Parc de Belleville
  • Tour Montparnasse

Every one of these will give you that beautiful and unique Paris shot!

3. Paris at Night

Most people visit Paris during the day and then go back to their hotel to wake up bright and early to be the first in line. But the truth is, Paris looks like a brand new city during the night. “Midnight in Paris” showed us just how gorgeous Paris is at night time and there’s definitely some truth to that. So go on, stroll the streets, stop by the landmarks, or even get on a romantic Seine River Cruise!

4. Visit a Beautiful Cemetery

Hauntingly beautiful are the words that describe several cemeteries around Paris. Sure, it might be an unusual thing to do, but if photography is your thing and if you just need to go on a spiritual journey, stop by Père Lachaise. With 44 hectares it is the largest cemetery in Paris and although spooky, there’s just something awfully peaceful about talking a walk along the path.

5. Find Pixel Art Mosaics

If you walk around Paris, you might notice some strange space invader pixel art mosaics. These belong to a 90s artist that goes by the nickname of Invader. They’re colourful art pieces and although little, they offer a perfect scavenger hunt for those who want something unusual to do in the city.

6. Participate in Nuit Blanche

First Saturday in October marks a special day in Paris and one that many residents participate in. It’s called Nuit Blanche, aka Paris’ very own all-nighter. On the day, the residents stay up all night and participate in one of many artistic events around the city. It’s a complete artist takeover and one to look out for if you’re looking for a slightly different all night adventure.

7. Walk Along the Canals

A lot of people opt out to see Paris on the Seine River, but the truth is, you will get a totally different experience if you just walk along the canals. You’ll also be able to find some of the oldest landmarks of the city and slightly different ones from the usual popular tourist attractions. Alongside, you can find plenty of mini markets and cafes - it really does make you feel like a local!

8. Go On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

And not just any hot air balloon ride. Parc André Citroën has the biggest hot air balloon in the world! The ride takes you far above Parisian rooftops and offers an extraordinary view you absolutely have to see for yourself.

9. Wake Up the Artist in You at 59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli is perhaps one of the most interesting and unusual things to find in Paris. Sometime around 1800s, the building at 59 Rivoli was an illegally occupied location, particularly popular with artists. Years later, the six storey building legally became a residential home - it comes with 30 studios and offers minimal rent to Parisian artists. You can visit it every day from 1 - 8pm (not open on Mondays).

Photo Credit: 59 Rivoli Facebook Page

10. Visit Nicolas Flamel’s House

For all Potterheads who just need a little bit of magic in real life - Nicolas Flamel exists! The house of the famous alchemist is known as the oldest stone house in the city and it can be found at  51 rue de Montmorency. The house was built by Nicolas Flamel himself and these days, it hosts a restaurant called Auberge Nicolas Flamel.

Photo Credit: Auberge Nicolas Flamel Facebook Page

What are some of the unusual things you've done in Paris? Let us know in the comments below!

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