Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the beautiful capital city of Poland with amazing architecture and phenomenal modern structures throughout the city. Originating as a small fishing town in the 16th century the city has a rich history that shows as you navigate your way through it.

Poland for some is not the first on the list for the destination to call home but these people are wrong and missing out on one of the best cities in Europe. Poland has throughout history gone through many struggles but also, the country has so much to offer. The growing economy and modernisation within the city makes it a vibrant and enticing city to be within.

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Polish is complex. The Slavic language can be intimidating but learning a few words can really help you settle into the city and make it your home. Most locals in Warsaw, especially the younger generation speak English. This will help when you are navigating the city on a day to day basis. Not understanding or speaking Polish can be a barrier at times, as of course not everyone will speak English. Keep it in mind while you are there to take some time to pick up some Polish and practice the language with people in your neighborhood and establish relationships with people in the community. This can be at the local coffee shop you go to daily or supermarket where you buy your groceries to practise and build your Polish skills.

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Living Costs

If you are from a western European country your money can stretch further in this beautiful city. Poland uses the currency of Zloty and despite the strength Euros or Pounds have on Zloty, living in Warsaw, the capital of the country will mean that things are a little more expensive than it would be in other cities within the country. To eat out at an inexpensive restaurant costs around 37 Zloty and a good old Coca Cola will cost you around 6 Zloty. Reasonable for those with the currency of Euros or Pounds.

Where most of your money will go is to accommodation. Where you live and the cost of rent will determine the amount of disposable income you have left at the end of the month. If you want to save some money on accommodation in Warsaw we are offering a free booking fee on any home you decide to rent on our platform. Just use the code WAWA100 for zero fees on your home away from home.

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Transport in Warsaw is very well connected and reliable with one of the most organised systems that will get you where you want to be in the city. Move around the city with buses, trams, subways and trains. A monthly pass will cost you around 110 Zloty and a standard single one way ticket costs 4.40 Zloty. If you plan on staying longer there are also options for 90 day travel cards that you can purchase. Living in accommodation close to a bus or metro station always helps the journey and your movement around the city so keep that in mind!

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In order to feel truly comfortable in a city this is the most important aspect you need to find when you make a new city your home.  There are many safe and secure apartments in Warsaw on platforms such as Spotahome. These platforms can help you find the best place for all of your needs. Protected from scams and all securely online so you don’t have to visit various homes around the city to find the perfect place for you!

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Poland's internet speed is above the global average. With the average download speed of 92.6 Mb/s on fixed broadband and 40.92 mbps on mobile devices. This fast internet service means no matter where you are whether it is in a co-working space or at home you don’t need to worry about if your internet speed will impact how you are working on a daily basis!

To get yourself started make sure when you arrive in Warsaw you buy a local sim at the airport so you can get internet on your phone. Just show your ID or passport and a residence permit if a residence permit is necessary for you to live in Poland.

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Co-working Spaces

There are many co-working options in Warsaw so if you want to change up your working environment you will have no problems in the city. Places such as Wework, Biuro, Hubhub, Mindspace, Brainembassy and Clockwork have many options to choose from for your specific needs.

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Crime rates are low in the city so you will have no issue walking around and feeling unsafe. Ranking the lowest in Europe in terms of the homicide rate and 25th in the GPI (global peace index) as of 2022. The city is much safer than some other top expat destinations such as Spain, Greece and France.

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Not every nomad is seeking sun 365 days a year. If you do, Warsaw may not be the place for you. While it does get cold as low as -4 degrees Celsius it also gets rather warm during the summer months, with an average of 24 degrees Celsius. It isn’t all doom and gloom! In the winter make sure you have some warm clothes and a raincoat but in the summer be prepared to stoll around in sandals and a T-Shirt. Don’t let a little rain scare you off as they say “you aren’t made of sugar”.

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