Trying to figure out what to do in Milan? Check out our list of hidden spots to explore in the Fashion Capital of the World!

While many tourists spend endless amount of hours visiting Milan’s most popular spots, the locals know that the secret of Milan lies in its unknown and hidden areas where you will find the real beauty and local buzz. Don’t get too caught up in the couture – Milan offers so much more than that and we created a mini ‘What to Do’ guide of Milan’s secret spots, catered to your every need and your budget.

  • To enjoy the atmosphere: its bohemian streets

![Where to go Milan Secret Spots]( Brera street. Photo source: builtupchaos

Streets such as Brera, known for its original beauty and an artsy atmosphere, are always a commonly missed tourist sight. This chic area definitely shouldn’t be overlooked – it’s a place to be to shop, eat and explore, as well as people watch and hang out with the locals. In the eyes of the locals and long term residents, Brera truly represents the real Milan. A perfect place for an aperitivo!

  • To shop: 10 corso como![Where to go Milan secret spots]( Photo source: camper

This shopping paradise is hidden behind a chic garden where you can also enjoy an amazing meal after a successful shopping session. This is a place for trendsetters, fashionistas and those looking to get a hold of off-season hits as well as some of the most recent products.

Address: Corso Como, 10, 20154 Milano MI, Italy.

Telephone: +39 02 2900 2674.

  • To explore the culture: Triennale![Where to go Milan secret spots]( Photo source: gobbetto

An art and design museum in an amazing building built in the 1930s, hosting plenty of exhibitions relating to fashion, architecture and arts. This beautiful museum, also a venue for Milan Triennial Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Architecture, has a secret garden, perfect for relaxing under the Milanese sun, as well as a cafe and a book store.

Address: Viale Alemagna 6, 20121, Milan, Italy.

Telephone: +39 02 724 341.

  • To look back in time: war remains![Where to go Milan secret spots]( source: **[LUXOS](**

We bet you didn’t know that Milan is also a home to many war remains in the memory of the hardships this city had to face during the war.

One can be found on Corso di Porta Romana 3 – look up to find a cannonball stuck in a wall, dating all the way back to March 20th 1848.

Another interesting sight is the indented bull in the mosaic floor of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – place your heel in the spot and turn around- it’s supposed to bring you good luck!

  • To relax: Guastalla Garden![Where to go Milan secret spots]( Photo source: wheremilan

In need of some peace and quiet, away from the curious tourist eyes? This elegant symmetrical garden, created in 1555, is most definitely a perfect place to disconnect. It is one of the oldest public gardens in Milan, featuring outstanding greenery as well as a picturesque fountain. This area is also dog friendly, so feel free to bring along your pets!

  • To get scared: “haunted” places

The house of the devil on Porta Romana 3 in Palazzo Acerbi is just one of Milan’s houses with a haunted history, designed by Ludovico Acerbi, believed to be the devil himself by many locals.

Devil statues and gargoyles on the Duomo also have an interesting story. It is believed that the devil paid a visit to the lord Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1386 and demanded to be put on the Duomo or he will face eternal punishment. More than 3,400 devil statues and 96 gargoyles can be found around the Duomo!

What’s your favorite secret spot in Milan?![Where to go Milan secret spots](

Photo source: assets.arabiaweddings

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