If you plan on getting a job, setting up a business, paying taxes and/or using the public health care system in Spain, then you’ll need to get a Spanish social security number. Haven’t got one yet? Don’t worry, it’s very simple; here’s how!

All Spanish citizens are of course eligible for a social security number (número de afiliación a la seguridad social). But if you’re an EU or even non-EU citizen, you’ll be able to get one too if you have legal working status in Spain. Your employer can also request a number for you if you don’t already have one.

2 steps to getting your Spanish social security number in Madrid:

1. Get the paperwork ready

You’ll have to fill out this form: Modelo TA.1 and bring it along with your passport and NIE/DNI to your appointment. Make sure you have originals and photocopies of all (if you want to also register your spouse and/or children, make sure to bring their paperwork with you as well).

2. Locate your nearest Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS) office

No prior appointment is necessary, just walk in and grab a number and wait for your turn. This link will show you where your nearest TGSS office is.

More info

It shouldn’t take longer than 45 days to get your number, so be patient. This information was gathered from the official site which you can take a look at here. There’s a nice little graph that shows you all the steps. It’s really not that difficult. Plus, if you want to get your public health insurance card, this is a basic requirement.

Good thing that’s over with. Now what?

There are two other administrative procedures that we strongly suggest getting done if you plan on living in Spain long term:

1. Public housing registry – empadronamiento

This enters you into a housing registry and makes you eligible for a number of social benefits, including citizenship and public health care. Here’s a guide on how to get empadronado in Spain.

2. Public health care – getting your tarjeta sanitaria

Once you have your Spanish social security number, empadronamiento and are actively working, then you can certainly get access to Spain’s public health care system. Here’s a guide on how to get your Spanish health insurance card in Madrid.

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More useful guides to make your life easier in Spain:

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