Dublin, the capital of The Republic of Ireland. The city with nothing to do, horrible weather where it rains all the time and the culture is super dull, right? Why does anyone visit Dublin it is such a waste of time. Wrong.

Dublin is an international city within Europe that has great links all over the continent. With a rich history and vibrant culture, classical and modern architecture throughout. Within the city of Dublin there is always something to do. So if it is your first time visiting the majestic city, here is your Dublin travel guide with are a few of many reasons why you should visit Dublin as soon as possible.

Dublin Is An International City

With the influx of international companies many people are settling within the city. Walking down the street you will hear many languages spoken. The mix of nationalities and cultures shows up in the diverse food you can try in the city. From Nigerian food to sushi, French bistro, Irish breakfast and amazing Eastern European stores to try treats and make dishes you may not have had a chance to before.

The capital of the city is also home to many dialects all over Ireland, here you will be exposed to the melodic tones of the Cork natives to the smooth Donegal accent and many more. In Dublin anything is possible and you can have the chance of interacting with a plethora of people from many walks of life.

The Endless Natural Beauty

Dublin's terrain has mountains, rivers and canals. There are so many outdoor spaces and activities to do in Dublin. You have the bustling city life with the easy access to nature to give you a break and reconnect with yourself. From the beach to the botanical gardens there is always something to do, take a mental break and be charmed by the Irish landscape.

If you want a quick escape 5km from the city is Phoenix Park which is Europe's largest city park. Originally created in the early 1660’s for royal hunting, this space is open and expansive. You can watch and walk among the wild deer, casually roam by foot or bike and get lost within the space.

The Wicklow mountains offer hiking trails overlooking breathtaking lakes and the view of the valleys of Wicklow. This natural park is worth visiting as the biodiverse landscape has been preserved beautiful for all to enjoy and respect while you are there.

If you don't want to venture too far from the city take a quick stroll in one of Dublin’s many Georgian parks such as Merrion Square, St Stephen's Green and Fitzwilliam Square to name a few. Being in Dublin means nature is never too far away!

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It Takes 30 Minutes To Get Across The City Centre

If you want to be within a city that has a lot to do but is small and enclosed but feels like an advanced town Dublin is definitely the place for you. A thriving city with a small town feel you do not need a car within this city.

Bonus if you care about nature and things such as global warming. You will have no reason to feel bad as you travel around the city as you will be able to keep your carbon footprint low living here. Save money and save the planet!

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It Is Located  Near The Coast So You Will Get A Fresh Sea Breeze

Take a short trip away from the city stroll in the areas of  Dun Laoghaire or Howth and be mesmerised by the beautiful coast. Dublin has 169 km of highlights and hidden gems to explore on the coastline.

Places to check out are Skerries, this was once Ireland’s busiest fishing harbor with a captivating past where in the 12th century flour was stone grinded by hand. You can go kayaking, kitesurfing or a simple peaceful stroll.

If you love history the village of Malahide is a place to check out. This coastal settlement was home to the English aristocracy of the Talbots for many centuries, the extensive grounds and beautiful architecture will take you back in time.

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It Has A lot Of Pubs Where You Can Socialise With People

There are roughly over 700 pubs in Dublin! You can pick one and your activities for the night are sorted. The home of Guinness, the perfect pint will always be poured out. You can’t be in Dublin without trying this national treasure. You can take your pick from the hundreds of pubs available from traditional to modern chic pubs within the area, the choice is yours.

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Internet Connection

If you are a digital nomad rest assured, the internet connection within Dublin is fast and reliable. In addition, the city has many co-working options to choose from. Whether you want a calm and peaceful workspace or a bustling collaboration environment. They are available all around the city you you to find your perfect working environment.  

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So here are a few of the many reasons you should take the time to visit Dublin and become enchanted by the city! Did we convince you to make the move and check out Dublin? Take a look at some of the many apartments Spotahome has in the city to give you a home away from home. Or if you want to live anywhere around the world Spotahome has 1,000 of available apartments in various locations for you to explore.