Get a popular property to rent in Dublin

Fancy counting your lucky shamrocks and finding a property to rent in Dublin? Look no further. Dublin is well known for its friendly people and good craic. The combination of good humour, stunning landscapes and an abundance of attractions makes it easy to settle into life here. Call your property to rent in Dublin your new home.

Property to rent in Dublin

It’ll be no time before you’re up to your usual shenanigans on a Saturday night out in Dublin, as the city has an impressive nightlife. It’s pub-to-person ratio has other cities green as a shamrock with envy—with music venues, clubs and bars making for a fun night out. Temple Bar is a must for any Dubliner, but do be wary of the amount of tourists who will be sticking their elbows out in order to get a sip of the sweet taste of Guinness. There’s something for everyone in Dublin. Ireland boasts an impressive history, which you can learn all about in the numerous museums, galleries and castles dotted around the city. We must admit, the National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland has to be our favourite.

Home of Irish Rugby, the Aviva Stadium is located southeast of the city centre and watching a match there is a must! Go with friends and witness firsthand why the Irish are so proud of their national team (currently ranked 3rd in the world)! As the largest city in Ireland, you’ll have no trouble finding places to rent in Dublin. Nevertheless, if you’re still unsure on whether you fancy city life or a more relaxing country lifestyle, you’re sure to find a place to call home after looking at our extensive list of houses to rent in Co. Dublin. County Dublin is home to 30% of the national population and it extends across 921 km. This makes it the ideal location for those wanting a varied Irish lifestyle.

Your one way ticket to renting success

As with all cities, prices for rent in Dublin vary depending on the location. Whether you’re looking for a house to rent or a flat to rent in Dublin, we have you covered. Dublin property rentals in the city centre will undoubtedly be on the steeper side; you might need a strong Irish coffee in hand when you see the prices. However, that’s the price you pay for living in the centre of the land of Guinness! As houses to rent in Dublin may be a bit expensive, you may wish to opt for a flat to rent in Dublin instead. This may mean smaller square footage, but the extra cents you save might just be worth it (especially when you see the price of whiskey at Temple Bar).

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit further out (and a bit cheaper), then consider renting in Dublin 12. Located around 7 km southwest of the city centre, it’s the perfect spot to make the most of having cheap rent in Dublin; you definitely don’t need a pot of gold to live here! Trek further out to Dublin 15 and you’ll see plenty of options for cheap rent in Dublin here. Houses for rent in Dublin 15 offer a more traditional feel to Irish life and they are surrounded by beautiful Irish countryside that would even make Saint Patrick envious.