I know, I know - you've worked incredibly hard throughout the Academic Year and you're just dreading the thought of working during the Summer. I've been there too. However, a summer internship can provide you with some great benefits for the future.

Here are 6 reasons why you should get a summer internship

1. Networking

Once you'll leave the student world behind, you'll realise how important is to know the right people. While education and your resume are surely relevant, having the right connections will be crucial especially when trying to secure a job.

During your internship, you will meet and exchange ideas with people in your professional field of interest, which means that later on, when you'll be looking for employment they will already know you (TIP: be memorable, but for the right reasons!!).

2. Earn Money

Maybe a little harder to find, but while looking for an internship online, you can filter for those which come with a paycheck. Even if it is only a small income, it will be better than nothing, right? So, instead of wasting time working a summer job unrelated to your career goal, you might as well work in an industry you want to learn about while earning a paycheck at the same time.

3. Understanding Yourself Better

By getting a summer internship in a field in which you think you'll want to build your future, you will learn the basics of your chosen career. In this way, you will be able to find out if the job is exactly what you thought or not. Remember, changing a career path isn't impossible, but surely it will cost you time and money.

4. Build Your Resume

Having a great resume is crucial to being called by recruiters and potential employers. But as much as you have the best grades at uni, work experience is what really matters the most. Many students go through the educational system without doing anything else extra-curricular, but if you do a summer intership you will be able to stand out from the crowd and have higher chances to be chosen. Employers love young people who push themselves beyond their limits, student obligations and ultimately have gotten some work experience while still studying.

5.Build your Self-Confidence

Regardless of where you'll take your summer internship, one thing is sure: you will build your confidence. This will make you grow as a person as well as a professional. Remember that it's important to be confident, but *arrogance *is another thing.

6 Learn New Skills

You've been studying loads of things at school, but doing a summer internship is like jumping on a learning spaceship heading to Mars. The pace is much faster, the things you learn are much more practical than the ones you learn in a classroom. Ultimately, after a summer internship, you will leave with a whole new set of skills you didn't have before but that will be highly appreciated by your teachers and future employers.