Guest Author. Kärt Sikk, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Staying fit can be exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming, but it does not have to be!

Doing simple, but effective exercises from the comfort of your own home at anytime is a smart alternative to the gym.

In order to relieve university stress and to feel healthy and refreshed I have started working out at home. All you need is a simple yoga mat, or not even if you have a comfortable carpet.

The first three exercise do not require ANY special equipment, do not take ANY extra time out of your day, and do not cost you ANYTHING!

Wall squats

When brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, stand next to a wall and put your back against it. Squat down and hold a standing squat for the 2-3 minutes, reccomended time for brushing your teeth. You can do this while doing other daily tasks as well; reading a chapter for homework, talking on the phone, or drinking your coffee. This exercise targets your legs AND your glutes! So, watch out Kim Kardashian, we will have an army of amazing booties soon!

Chair arms

When you are sitting on a chair, go to its edge and place your hands on it. The rest of the body should be in an upwards plank position, meaning that you should be holding your body up only with the strength of your arms. This will train your arms and can be a great break from doing work behind the desk or computer. You can even do it while reading emails, chapters, or articles.

Chair crunches

This one is, again, for when you are sitting on a chair.

Sit normally on the chair and lift up your legs and then crunch them in towards you. Then again, straighten your legs and bend them towards you. Repeat this step for a few minutes. This targets the lower abs.

With these three exercises you have already targeted the four most commonly worked out body parts: the legs, booty, arms, and abs!

For the following exercises a mat is recommended
The exercises are incredibly simple and you can easily do them while watching your favorite tv-series or even movie! You can do these exercises at whatever pace you prefer. If you want to have a more calorie-burning, cardio workout, do the movements rather quickly. Or, if you are just starting out, going slower might be more advisable. Same goes for the amount of reps. Do as many as you can. Always push yourself a little further to do more than you think you can because this is when you are actually going to see the results.

Fire hydrants

Stand on all fours and begin by lifting up either the left or right leg in a 45 degree angle. Lift it up and down and repeat it for a few minutes. Then switch legs.

Leg presses

Stay on all fours and, again, choose which leg you wish to start with. Lift the first leg up backwards this time - not in a 45 degree angle - and then down again. Repeat this step for a few minutes and then switch the leg.

Booty bridges

Lay on your back with you feet on the floor and knees bent. Your knees should be about hip distance apart. Press up your booty to the air and then bring it down again. Again, repeat this movement for a few minutes.

Scissor kicks

Stay laying on your back. Lift up both of your legs. Lower down one leg at a time, lift it up again while lowering the other leg. Keep alternating your legs (bring down the left leg, while the right leg is up and then bring up the right leg and lower the left). BUT make sure your back is not coming off the floor, if it is - do not lower your legs down as much. As your abs get stronger, you will be able to bring your legs down more.

Russian twists

Come to a sitting position with your knees bent in front of you. Lean back and move both arms together to the left side and then to the right. You can follow your arms with your eyes to make sure you are really twisting your upper body. Keep repeating this movement for a few minutes. This exercise is especially good for the obliques, so be prepared to see your waist thinning down!

Oblique twists

Go on a plank position - with your elbows on the floor. Twist your body (or more specifically, your waist and lower body) to one side and then to the other, so that your side is almost touching the floor. Keep twisting to each side for a few minutes. This, again, is awesome for your obliques!

The cobra

The last one is a stretch! This is the step that people tend to forget to do after their workout, but it is incredibly crucial! It is an excellent way to cool down, especially if you have done the exercises with quick movements. For this stretch, lay down on your stomach, put your hands underneath your armpits and pull up. This will stretch out your abdominal area. Hold this stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat up to 3 times.

Remember to keep hydrated after your work outs!

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