Did you share your university with a celebrity?

It is highly likely that a celebrity has walked the halls of your university. You may have even used the same desk as your idol. Find out if a celebrity attended YOUR university!

London is home to some of the best universities in the world. It is therefore no surprise that several celebrities once chose this location as their place of study. Spotahome has selected our favourite celebrities who went to a university in London…

…Mick Jagger

1943 – Present

Celebrity Musician & LSE Student

Mick Jagger, otherwise known as the front-man of the Rolling Stones, studied Business at London School of Economics during the 1960s. Somewhat predictably, he dropped out in 1963 to pursue one of the most successful music careers in the history of Rock’n’Roll!

David Attenborough

1926 – Present

Nature Documentarist & LSE Student

Sir David Attenborough is the nation’s favourite documentary-making celebrity. His soothing voice and exquisitely-captured nature footage has attracted a large following of fans throughout the world.  Attenborough reportedly studied Anthropology at the London School of Economics in 1964, but packed it in for a post as the Director of BBC2.

…John F Kennedy

1917 – 1963

Former US President  & LSE Student

This may be news for some, but John F Kennedy attended the London School of Economics in 1935. Before returning to the USA, America’s former President apparently attended LSE  to pursue a General course and is arguably one of the university’s most surprising celebrities.

…Mahatma Gandhi

1869 – 1948

Leader of Indian Independence & UCL Student

Unbeknownst to many, Mahatma Gandhi supposedly studied Law at University College London before returning to India where he enabled his country to achieve independence. Gandhi is remembered as an activist whose policy of nonviolence influenced many leaders of the civil rights movement.

…Vivienne Westwood

1941 – Present

Fashion Designer & Student at Middlesex, Westminster & Goldsmith Universities

Often praised for merging politics with punk and new wave fashion, Vivienne Westwood is renowned for being one of the most influential celebrity fashion designers of all time. Before launching her fruitful career, Westwood studied at Middlesex University, The University of Westminster and Goldsmiths University.

…Nelson Mandela

1918 – 2013

Anti-Apartheid Activist & University of London Student

He is not a celebrity in the traditional sense, but Nelson Mandela’s name is among those who studied at the University of London. His path at this institution was certainly unconventional as he studied Law as a distance student during his 27-years of imprisonment.

…Gael Garcia Bernal

1978 – Present

Actor, Director & Central School of Speech and Drama Graduate

Have you seen The Motorcycle Diaries? If so, you may be aware of Gael Garcia Bernal. The Mexican actor/film director graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London– he was the first Mexican to ever attend this institution.

…Sir Elton John

1947 – Present

Musician & Former Royal Academy of Music Student

Before becoming a celebrity musician in the late 1960s, Elton John honed his musical technique at the Royal Academy of Music. The singer values the inspirational training he received at this institution during his teenage years.

…Kit Harington

1986 – Present

Actor & Central School of Speech and Drama Student

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with this Game of Thrones celebrity. Kit Harington is the British heartthrob who made Jon Snow a household name. Before landing a role on the 2nd highest IMDB rated TV series after Breaking Bad, Kit Harington attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

…Virginia Woolf

1882 – 1941

Author & Kings College London Graduate

Virginia Woolf was a prominent english modernist writer who is highly respected in literary circles. Woolf attended Kings College London between 1897 and 1902 and was a student of Greek, Latin, History and German. Her former university has honoured their celebrity graduate by constructing the Virginia Woolf Building. In 2002, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep starred in The Hours, a film that centres on the plot of Mrs DallowayWoolf’s most famous novel.

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