Ah, the endless debate of which borough takes the number 1 crown and which is the best place to live in London. The truth is, nobody’s perfect, not even the poshest and most elegant areas of the city.  Catered to your lifestyle, Spotahome selected (in our opinion) the best of the best neighborhoods you should live in while you rent accommodation in London.

…for expats new to the city

Camden (NW1, Zone 2)

Whether during the day or during the night, the London Borough of Camden will never let you down. Known for its diversity, street fashion, a mix of food from all over the world, Hampstead Heath and upbeat atmosphere, living in the area of Camden is a must when living in London. You can easily reach the city centre in just a few minutes and will have a fine selection of night bus services to take you home after a glorious night out. Bonus points if you find an apartment close to Camden Town!

Brixton (SW2, Zone 2)

Located on the South and served by Victoria line, this working class borough gained popularity over the years due to its fantastic mix of culture, excellent food (and many delivery options), its connectivity to the city centre, nightlife and much more. One of the most diverse and  Brixton Village, its Town Centre, Electric Avenue and market are one of the most authentic and genuine parts of London and a definite must live for any newcomers to the city.

…for an excellent student atmosphere

Stratford (E15, Zone 3)

Stratford is currently one of the most promising areas in London – living here will allow you to be near one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, full of high brands as well as affordable clothing. Alongside, Stratford is home to University of East London (and many, many bars), guaranteeing an excellent atmosphere and affordable student housing. Its quick transport links into the city centre (Stratford is served by the Jubilee line) makes this area ideal for absolutely anyone looking for affordable accommodation close to the city.

Greenwich (SE10, Zone 2,3)

Greenwich is a picturesque area, located along the River Thames. The large, Hogwarts-like University of Greenwich resides here, making this area a popular choice for its students. Its village style and friendly community give Greenwich a friendly atmosphere and it is continuously known as a popular choice for both, students of University of Greenwich as well as University of East London. And we can’t blame them – just check out this view!

…for a young family

Brockley (SE4, Zone 2)

This leafy area is extremely well-connected to the city centre, with many bus services leading directly to the city centre and the Overground line to Stratford and Canada Water. Suitable for families or students attending Goldsmiths University, you can find many charming restaurants here, along with parks, shops, family-friendly events, primary schools and colleges. Don’t forget to have a stroll to Telegraph Hill Park and enjoy its fantastic views!

Chiswick (W4, Zone 3)

Chiswick is a safe area, full of fantastic primary schools and close to the Heathrow airport – perfect choice for professionals commuting outside of the city centre. Food, shops, bars, excellent community and everything in between, Chiswick offers a lifetime of entertainment. Although not the cheapest, you can most certainly find affordable accommodation, making this area a popular choice for young families and couples looking to settle down in a London suburb.

…for those looking to live in style

Chelsea (SW3, Zone 1)

Ah, to live in the London’s version of New York’s Upper East Side. This extremely posh and elegant area even has its own reality TV show to furthermore make us envious of its rich and famous residents.  Along with several celebrities, many gourmet restaurants can be found here, as well as designer shops and charming cafes. We can guarantee you will spot a famous face or two just walking down King’s Road!

Westminster (W2, Zone 1)

Living centrally is something most of us can only dream of, but most certainly worth it for those living the dream. Living in Westminster will mean you will (probably) be blessed with skyline views and recently renovated stylish apartments that are just a step away from the Oxford Street, Covent Garden or even Big Ben. The city buzz is right at your feet, along with the best shops, amazing food, nightlife, attractions and beautiful parks. Brb, looking for affordable apartments in Westminster

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