So, you just arrived to Madrid and you’re getting overwhelmed by realizing how bad you are at speaking Spanish? Don’t worry – we’ve been there and I’ve been there. When I first arrived to the city, I wasn’t able to tell you my codigo postal. Two years later, my Spanish has miraculously improved and while I’m still struggling to understand how that actually happened, I created a list of tools and practices I knew helped me get to my B2 level. Are YOU ready to learn Spanish fast?

1. Language schools are your new best friends.

Maybe a bit of an obvious one, but not only did my language school give me confidence to finally start speaking Spanish (even though entirely broken and not grammatically correct at all) – I also met amazing people through my course, some of who I later on even became flatmates with.

Some of our favorite language schools in Madrid are Complutense University, Tandem Language School and AIL Madrid. Joining a language school is the first step to build your confidence as you’ll be force to speak a foreign language.
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2. Can’t afford them? Try DAILY Duolingo!

Can’t afford language classes at the moment? Duolingo is the next best thing. Encompassing three out of seven learning styles, Duolingo suits best for those who are looking into learning with flashcards, through audio and through speaking the language themselves.

Being an avid Duolingo user for the past 2 years on and off, I find it one of the most effective FREE language learning tools. Commiting to doing the programme every day is a challenge, but it will help you keep that Spanish spark alive.

Its downsides might be not going heavily into grammatical lessons, but you will without a doubt expand your vocabulary in just a few months.

3. Are you a Youtube fanatic? Subscribe to Spanish Youtubers.

I am slightly addicted to Youtube, I have to admit. From family vloggers to ‘how to’ videos and everything in between, along with having an avid English fanbase, Youtube’s Spanish presence is growing faster than ever.

While Spanish speakers tend to talk very fast, watching them will eventually help you grasp what they’re saying even faster. Match that with your Duolingo vocabulary and you’ll be speaking Spanish in no time!

Top 3 Spanish Youtubers to help you learn Spanish:

Elsmosh – With Smosh being one of the most popular Youtubers, a Spanish version of their channel was created. From sketches to watching them play video games in Spanish – this is the ultimate Youtube channel to follow if you wish to learn Spanish.

Yuya – A Spanish version of Zoella and a perfect choice for those who are into cute beauty and various DIY videos. I absolutely love her voice!

CaELiKe – One of my personal favorite Spanish Youtubers, CaELiKe is one of those channels that will either make you go ‘wtf’ or immediately fall in love with her never ending happy persona. Her videos are comedy-oriented and a ‘little bit of this, a little bit of that’. Warning: She talks super fast.

4. Turn up Spanish music or podcasts in the morning.

Why morning? Because you’re more likely to forget in the evening. During my morning routine, I love listening o listen to podcasts. Call me old-fashioned (are podcasts out of date now?) , but subconsciously listening to another language being spoken will help you construct your answers faster, build your communication skills and grasp the speed of the language.

Spanish lyrics also tend to be emotionally more beautiful than English – get ready to have your mind blown!

Favorite Spanish podcasts:

La Ventana – Always up for a hilarious talk about Spanish politics!

Nadie Sabe Nada – “Improv and humor” is the most perfect description of this podcast.

What’s YOUR favorite Spanish podcast? Comment below!

Favorite Spanish Spotify playlists:

Que Tengas Un Buen Dia

Cafe Con Leche

Post your favorite Spanish musicians in the comment box below!

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