**[Milan](http://www.spotahome.com/milan)** is globally recognised as one of the capitals of fashion and rightly so. Names like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci all reside within the luxurious “Golden Triangle”. But if you are looking for something different in Milan, let’s say some peace and relax rather than shopping, you might want to explore these gardens which are secret to most tourists and some locals too. I spent almost three years in the city, when the American company I was working for relocated me there from London and as usual, I spent my weekends exploring the neighbourhoods, reading and relaxing in these beautiful gardens. Make sure to visit them now that summer has started!
![5 Best Secret Gardens in Milan](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2016/07/Adobe-Spark-2.jpg) ## **1. [Cascina Cuccagna](http://www.cuccagna.org/portal/IT/handle/?page=homepage)**

3/3 - Simplicity ••• In the centre of Milan, surrounded by new buildings and hidden behind tall apartments, there is a XVII century farmhouse. ••• A few years ago, to save the Cuccagna Farmhouse from abandonment and decay, some associations gathered together in a consortium and developed a project that involves its transformation in a multifunctional centre dedicated to culture, environment, food and social activities. ••• Today, it's a new public space for the city of Milan, with it "km 0" organic market, a bike workshop, a vegetable garden, some beach chairs and of course an organic bar/restaurant. ••• I'm loving this trend of going back to the origins, to respect the nature more, to renovate places rather than building new ones. I'm loving the good old things of the past. I'm loving simplicity and living my life in a simple way. ••• Life is really simple, but we insist in making it complicated. Confucius ••• I wish you a happy and simple day ?

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When you really want to leave the hustle and bustle of Milan behind and hit the countryside, there is one place that beats all the others: Cascina Cuccagna is truly hidden 17th century farmhouse turned public garden right. Here you can not only fill your belly with delicious food at the restaurant Un Posto A Milano, but also admire and buy the locally produced vegetables, fix your bicycle and maybe buy some wine too. There is also free Wi-Fi for us, digital nomads.

Address: via Cuccagna, 2 Milano, Italy

2. Chiostri di San Barnaba

![5 Best Secret Gardens in Milan](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2016/07/Chiostri-San-Barnaba.jpg "5 Best Secret Gardens in Milan")Ph Credits: the_storyteller
This former Franciscan convent of the 15th century is a true gem of Renaissance architecture. There are four Cloisters of which the Cloister of Wisteria is the most spectacular one with its stone floor and the plant growing up the columns. The Cloisters today hosts a cafe/restaurant where you can chill and relax.
**Address:** Via S. Barnaba, 48, 20122 Milano, Italy ## **3. [Villa Necchi Campiglio](http://www.visitfai.it/)**
[![5 Best Secret Gardens in Milan](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2016/07/Villa-Necchi.jpg "5 Best Secret Gardens in Milan")](https://db82kmzzne7f2.cloudfront.net/ghost-blog/2016/07/Villa-Necchi.jpg)Ph Credits: the_storyteller


Back in 1930s, heiresses Nedda and Gigina Necchio alongside Gigia’s husband Angelo Campiglio, were the proud owners of one of Milan’s first swimming pools. The sumptuous villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden which boasts a tennis court and an art collection that includes works by Martini, de Chirico and Canaletto. Relax by the pool with a book and a drink after your guided tour and enjoy these long summer days in the shade.
Address: Via Mozart, 14, Milano, Italy

4. Vigna di Leonardo

Well..The day didn't really start in the best way as my first train was delayed by 55 minutes and I managed to miss my connecting train to Milan. Twice...? But it was a sign that everything else during the day it would have turned perfect. In fact, it was just Perfect. The food, the company, the sights. We started with a beautifully-presented and delicious #Brunch at @cafegorille followed by a great and very photogenic walk around some of the most hidden areas of Milan - Including this stunning villa.. ? . Thanks to the team at @cafegorille! Milan people go and check it out! It's fab and the staff is super friendly! Thank you to @giuliadini & @elisagram for the planning and locations scouting, it couldn't happen without you! But also thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful people who joined us today, from Milan but also from Latina, Tuscany and..London!! ? you are amazing guys!! ????? . @lapaolina @iperattiva @elboustany @rompiontgeroad @lamaca83 @dailybreakfast @sib371 @bellavitamanu @rafficagnazzo @_mirti_ @claudspritz @milanosecret @elesole . #wltb_cafegorille

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Yes, **that** Leonardo had a vineyard right in the centre of Milan. Ludovico il Moro, then Lord of Milan, gave the “Vigna” to Leonardo da Vinci as a gift for being a loyal courtier. Today, there aren’t many rows of vines left but it’s still a beautiful place to visit and relax, perhaps just after (queuing) and seeing “The Last Supper” at the Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is right in front it. To access the vineyard, you need to visit the “Villa degli Altellani”, a beautiful historical house with some impressive rooms and a fabulous garden filled with statues and fountains among all the green.

Address: Corso Magenta, 65, 20123 Milano, Italy

**5. Villa Invernizzi **

Tanti flamingos #fenicotteri #flamingos #villainvernizzi #milan

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There is also one very secret and beautiful garden right in the middle of the “Quadrilatero del Silenzio” and it’s in the private Villa Invernizzi. You can only enjoy it from the outside – unless you politely ask the doorman to give you a quick tour – but it boasts a flock of magnificent pink flamingos. It is a quirky place for this bird if you think about where they come from, but it’s stunning to see their elegant moves and steps around the lush garden even if it’s just through the railings.
**Address:** Via Cappuccini, 7, Milano, Italy
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