GUEST AUTHOR: Kärt Sikk, Spotahome Student Ambassador

Want to get accepted to your dream internship abroad? I know, from my own personal experience, the struggle is definitely real
No worries, I am here to help you increase your chances, at least a little bit, for acceptance.

The most common required documents when applying for an internship are your resume and a cover or motivational letter. What employers also take into consideration is your online presence.

For this the best way for you to leave a professional impression is to have a kick-ass Linkedin profile!

Here are 6 tips to perfect your profile!


The saying - a picture is worth more than a thousand words - does not go without reason. Your photo should be professional. This is, your clothing should be a one-colored blouse/shirt or jacket and the background should also be a one-colored, clear wall, without any distracting objects/wallpaper. However, it should not be a passport photo! Add a smile to your face to keep the photo a little more casual, and appear more friendly and appealing is recomendable.

In addition to having your own profile photo, I also recommend putting a cover photo. This way you are able to capture the viewer’s attention even further! But don’t just put a random image - use a picture that relates to what career you would like to pursue or that describes you. For instance, if you are interested in finance and/or accounting put a photo of numbers, calculators, or stocks.

Catching headline

Your photo and headline are the first thing that people see when viewing your profile! So make those first impressions attractive and memorable! Describe your current position or goals in a few short lines. Keep it simple, but precise.

Summary and experiences

The next things that people move on to are the summary and experiences sections. In the summary field you can expand on what you have written in your headline. Also state during which time periods you would be available for an internship, and whether it would be for part or full-time. If you have not yet clarified what field you are interested in working, write that in the summary!

This section shouldn not be too long either - people are not here to read an autobiography! And as for the experiences, this section is easy, just imitate what you have written in your CV. Important! make sure your Linkedin and resume information match!

Connect with people

Connections, connections, connections! I can't emphasize the importance of this enough! You see your old friend from middle school on Linkedin? Add her/him! You see your mom’s friend on Linkedin? Add her/him! You see your college professor on Linkedin? Add him/her! Add as many people as you can even if you know them just slightly - they might turn out to be useful in the future!

Remember to also get recommendations about your from past employers, this always helps!!!

Add interests

This part is great to see updated news about the companies of your interest. It is incredibly beneficial for you to be familiar with the company that you wish to do your internship for, especially during the interview phase.

Impress the interviewer with knowledge of the company's news, awards, and accomplishments - trust me, they will appreciate it! Interests are also useful because companies often post about their internship opportunities! So keep an eye out for those as well!

Personalized URL

This is a small detail, but it makes your profile a little more professional and simple! By clicking on “Edit public profile & URL” on your profile, you have the option to personalize your URL. Linkedin automatically assigns you a random, disorganized link. Change this to a neater looking one; for example, your first and last name.

Do you have any other tips on how to improve your Linked profile? We would love you to share them with us by commenting below.

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