Summer is here guys and one of the things I love the most during this season is explore new places at a slooooow pace. What's slower than walking? Well, hiking. That's why I've selected some of my favourite walks in Europe and I hope to hear about your suggestions below too!

Happy walking!

1 Cinque Terre, ITALY

If you are lucky enough to live in Milan or Turin, now you have another reason to be happy.  The ten-kilometre Cinque Terre coastal walk links five ancient, coloured fishing villages overlooking the Ligurian Sea. It is one of the world’s most photogenic coastal hikes and it's a must if you are living, studying or working in Italy.
There is also a train line at the back of the cliffs which links each town, so you also have the option to rest for a bit when the walk gets too steep or skip something if you are short with time.

2 La Roche, BELGIUM

Only a two hour drive from Brussels, you can immerse yourself in this extensive, wild and gorgeous forests in the Ardennes region. There are all sorts of walks around La Roche, from gentle walks upwards to moderate forest tracks. This is a great destination for summer but also for the autumn season when the leaves change colour making everything magic!

3 Camino de Santiago, SPAIN

A famous UNESCO World's Heritage Site, the Camino de Santiago is not only a religious, pilmigrage path, but also a wonderful life and walking experience. Alone or with friends, the Camino is known to have changed the life of many. Try it for yourself this summer, especially if you search for a house in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, but also Bilbao and Porto.

4 Alsace, FRANCE

Leaving Paris or Lille behind, the Alsace region is the perfect mix of wine and walking - like the true French! The Alsase route, which you can also cycle if you don't fancy walking, meanders its way North-South in France’s Tuscany: genltly rolling hills and endless vineyards everywhere.

5 Zillertal, AUSTRIA

The Zillertal region in Austria is a high mountain nature park which extends from the mountaineering village Ginzling up to the Hochfeiler. With its beautiful landscape, Zillertal offers multiple marked running and Nordic walking trails and is the perfect place to escape the stresses of your everyday life in Vienna.

6 Tour du Mont Blanc, FRANCE

If you have more time in hands this summer, then why don't you circumnavigate the highest peak in the Alps? Crossing 3 countries (Italy, Switzerland, and France) and exploring numerous gorgeous villages and mountains, this is a great hike if you are a passionate hiker and summer means mountain to you.

7 Kampinos National Park, Poland

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, but would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of Warsaw, head to the Kampinos National Park. Only 40 minutes away from the city and with 385 sq km of open woodlands, 16,000 of animal species, there are plenty of hiking paths you can choose from or, if you prefer, opt for other outdoor activities such as cycling, horseback riding or Nordic walking.

And you? Have you been to any of these walks? Let us know in the comments below!

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