Spring has sprung, long weekends and bank holidays lie ahead of us. So whether you currently live in Bologna (1.30hrs), Milan (2:25hrs) Turin (3.30hrs) or even Rome (3.30hrs), a weekend away to Venice is always a good idea

I can see you cringing by the way.

No need for that, auntie Sabry, who lives a mere 35 mins train ride from Venice, has got all the local tips and tricks to avoid spending 970£ at the restaurant or get hit by the angry locals.

Only (half) joking... But here's how I'm going to destroy some of the myths and legends you might have heard about Venice and convince you to book a weekend in Venice right now.

1. Venice is always overcrowded

© Sabrina Andrea Sachs @the_storyteller

False. Or better it is always annoyingly crowded in San Marco Square and around Rialto Bridge, however, surprise-surprise! There are areas of the city which are totally unknown to the tourists crowds and you'll barely meet anyone there. #personallytested. Of course, you should visit the crowded areas, especially if this is your first time in Venice. However, be smart and once you've seen these must-dos, move along and head to the less crowded parts of the floating city including Dorsoduro, Cannareggio and Santa Croce.

REAL VENETIAN TIP: The city of Venice has launched an online tool that predicts how crowded the city is on specific dates: play on it before booking your holiday.

2. Venice is small, one day is enough

© Sabrina Andrea Sachs @the_storyteller

Nope. After visiting Venice dozens times, I still have a long list of things to see and every time I go I meet locals who addd more secret places to that list.

So, if you can, don't just do a day trip, but book a weekend  to Venice instead.
One of my favourite things to do lately, is to hide for a few days in Venice just to wander around the less-crowded sestieri in the evening and pretend I live there. It often happens that I'm the only one there, completely alone in a square or on a calle and I love the feeling of having Venice all for myself.

3. Not worth staying at night

© Sabrina Andrea Sachs @the_storyteller

Nights are the best! I mentioned at point #2, but let me repeat it: the best moment in Venice is after the daytrippers have left! Most people leave the city with the last train, so you will basically have the city (almost) for yourself at night.
This also means that it's easy to find a good restaurant to have dinner or just wander the streets at your own pace.
REAL VENETIAN TIP: you can visit Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr at night (it's open until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday).

4. Venice is always flooded

© Sabrina Andrea Sachs @the_storyteller

"Ocio l'Acqua alta!", watch out for the flooding!

Well, this isn't a proper legend, acqua alta really happens, but is something I personally never witnessed in my life, which means A) it isn't that frequent B) it’s mainly aroud San Marco square, an area I happily skip when I am in Venice. (ok C) is also possible, I might have planned my trips to Venice when there was no risk of flooding).

Jokes aside, you can either find another route or simply walk on the heightened sidewalks, flooding in Venice isn't a big deal (read point #5 to see why)

5. Venice smells of fish. Nope, Venice is a fish.

As you can probably notice from the picture above, Venice IS a fish: it's got the shape of a fish, it smells of fish and it doesn't drown despite being built on wooden piles (yup, not direclty on islands). You can get ready for your trip to Venice, by reading this great guide by Tiziano Scarpa's Venezia è un pesce to go beyond the famous spots and learn more about one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

EXTRA VENETIAN TIP: Forget your trolley home

Do you know that there are +400 bridges, zero cars and about millions steps and stairs in Venice? Well, then grab a backpack for your own mental and physical health as well as all the one of other visitors. You will save a lot of time as well as fatigue. PS: there are water taxis, but walking is guaranteed in Venice.

© Sabrina Andrea Sachs @the_storyteller

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