OK, I'll admit it. I can't live without my phone and yes, I also take it to the bathroom with me. You're lying if you say you don't do it too.

So, since I've been travelling full time since September 2015 and choose the world as my large, wide, diverse home, I guess I can tell ya I've got some favourite apps which make it easier to get around.

1. Skyscanner

Photo Credits: Marcus Zymmer on Unsplash

Basically my fav app of all times. I'm on it at least once a day and most of the time it's set to DESTINATION: everywhere. I let this flights comparison server to choose where I should go every month thanks to its “select cheapest month” option ?. And for all my must-visit destinations, I've set the “price alertfeature which emails me every time there are price changes on my chosen flight.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

2. SeatGuru

Photo Credits: Gerrie Van Der Walt on Unsplash

Especially with low cost airlines, you will have to check in online and choose your seat once you’ve booked a flight. I'm not very fussy, but SeatGuru app helps me choose the best seat among dozens of airlines and includes reviews from past passengers.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

3. Google Maps

Photo Credits: Sabrina Andrea Sachs

Once you get to your destination, if it's your first time there, it's likely you'll feel a little disoriented and lost, that's why Google Maps exists. To save your a** while abroad (and at home too). Personally, this is my prime, incredible, necessary map for wherever I go, whether it's Kathmandu or Rome, Paris or London.
An EXTRA tips cos I love y'all: 1) You can save places you've been as well as create categories of places like cafes, museums, hotels etc. 2) You can download a map by typing OK maps + enter so that you have it on your phone even when you don't have an internet access.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

4. Maps me & City Mapper

Photo Credits: Sebastian Hietsh on Unsplash

Another great location app with the main difference that it's completely offline. You select a city and then download it on your phone FOR FREE. Make sure to have enough space on your phone, after that, you are sorted.

Another AMAZING direction app is City Mapper which allows you to find the best route to get from A to B in the world's major cities, including London, Milan, Rome, Lyon, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona Madrid and many more.

Both vailable on: IOS and Android, free

5. Townske

Photo Credits: ntb world

Do you remember the days when people used to drag around +1000-pages Lonely Planets and then discover it was just an endless list of accomodations, super known attractions and touristy restaurants? Long are gone the days when Lonely Planet and alikes where the true off the beaten track guides. Nowadays, you can find the perfect hostel at a finger tip on booking.com and book your fav restaurant on OpenTable. Two other apps I often use on my travels BTW.  On Townske instead, you find local guides made by locals all including beautiful pictures and description. So, spare space on your bag for some souvenirs and just download this free app.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

6. Speedtest

If you, like me, always need to be connected while travelling then you must be able to check the internet speed. By the way, if you happen to see a girl standing outside cafes with her phone in her hand, is probably me on Speedtest. This app allows you to check the speed of any wifi including download and upload speed and ping. All for free, pretty amazing, uh?

Available on: IOS and Android, free

7. Instagram

Photo Credits: Sabrina Andrea Sachs on Instagram

Alright, if you've been reading my articles here on Spotahome for the past three years, you might know that I'm also very active on Instagram. In a recent update you can also save images to private collections,  (I have about 25, each for a country/city I'm going to visit), pretty muc like on Pinterest and I use it a lot both to share my discoveries while I travel as well as to find new places to visit from other fellow instagrammers.
And then all my photo editing apps, read more about how to become an insta-pro here.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

8. Uber, Grab and all other taxi-sharing services

God bless Uber & co.
I wasn't a taxi user before - but Uber made getting from A to B faster thanks to its sharing-economy model. It's a shame that this service has been disabled in certain countries where lobbies are stronger than democracy like Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria, but I've used these taxi services all around the world -including riding scooters with crazy Vietnamese drivers- and I can surely vouch for them.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

9. Converter+

If you are travelling from country to country, you might lose sense of the value of the currency in your hands. I had this problem while exploring South-East Asia and it was impossible for me to keep track of each and every exchange rate. This is how I found out about Converter+ which saved me from being ripped off at markets and restaurants. Bonus point: this app also converts all sorts of other value, like weight, volume, lenght, temperature and more.

Available on: IOS and Android, free

10. Evernote

Not necessarily a travel app but I am totally addicted to it. I collect my notes, documents,  pictures, poems and ideas. I also use it as a travel diary, but online which means you don't risk to lose it or to get ruined. Super PLUS is that you can also access it from your desktop. (pro version available)

Available on: IOS and Android, free

And you? What travel apps do you take with you on your travels? Let us know in the comments below!

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