European cities are magical. Whether you’re just visiting or living there, chances are you’ve stumbled upon some of the most trendiest neighbourhoods ever. What defines trendy? We’re looking at neighbourhoods that come with a bit of character, some colour, good photography spots, and plenty of things to do. Ready? Let’s go!

Malasaña - Madrid, Spain

Malasaña is known as the hipster mecca of Madrid. Chances are, you don’t even need to leave the neighbourhood to have the best Madrid experience. From fantastic street art, adorable balconies and narrow streets to bars, bookstores, restaurants, vintage shops, and everything in between, Malasaña attracts hundreds of thousands curious eyes. It’s the true definition of a trendy neighbourhood and one you must see with your very own eyes!

Things to do in Malasaña:

  • Go vintage store shopping.
  • Enjoy one of many bars with free tapas.
  • Brunch it out in Carmencita Bar (it’s the best).
  • Explore the streets and spice up your Instagram feed!

Belleville - Paris, France

Belleville is becoming more and more popular among the young crowd - it’s no wonder since the neighbourhood is full of funky bars, cafes, and stunning architecture! There’s a perfect mix of absolutely everything that guarantees the ultimate hipster experience. Along with typically trendy characteristics, Belleville also comes with a multicultural background, offering you a chance to indulge in some of the best food ever!

Things to do in Belleville:

  • People watch from a cute Parisian cafe.
  • Immerse yourself in the multicultural experience.
  • Stop by a chic bakery (recommended: Festival des Pains).
  • Enjoy the nature at Parc de Belleville.

7th District - Budapest, Hungary

The 7th District of Budapest is also known as the Jewish district and one of the most vibrant and multicultural areas of the city. While every neighbourhood comes with its own history, the 7th District is perhaps one of the most impressive and heartbreaking ones. These days, this area is extremely lively and inviting, perfect for students as well as those who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience in Budapest.

Photo Credit: College Backpackers Facebook Page

Things to do in the 7th District:

  • Go to a ruin pub crawl (pub in the ruins, not ruining a pub crawl).
  • Educate yourself on Jewish history.
  • Enjoy gorgeous wall art.
  • Experience the traditional Hungarian and Jewish cuisine.

Exarchia - Athens, Greece

When it comes to off-the-beaten-path neighbourhoods, Exarchia in Athens is the first one that comes to mind. Although eyebrows may be raised and plenty opinions might be had about this anarchist area, the truth is, you can still find a way to enjoy it. Exarchia is home to some of the most vintage shops and colourful areas you can find in Athens. Along with homing plenty of museums, it also offers restaurants with some of the most unique settings ever as well as plenty of fantastic wall murals.

Photo Credit: Magic Street Art Facebook page

Things to do in Exarchia:

  • Stop by vintage shops.
  • Spice up your Instagram photos with street art.
  • Have unique ice cream flavours at White Rabbit.
  • Watch the street life go by in a coffee shop.

Metelkova - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Over the past few years, Slovenia became a popular travel spot, but many still don’t know about one of its artsiest places - Metelkova. It’s by far one of the best spots to take Instagram photos and really improve your photography skills (and dancing skills, if you're into partying).

The small area is a popular hangout amongst the young - the abandoned army barracks have been turned into nightclubs and the entire area comes to life at night. It’s by far one of the most fascinating artsy areas of Ljubljana and definitely worth a quick visit.

Photo Credit: Gromka Facebook Page

Trastevere - Rome, Italy

And last but not least, here’s Trastevere. Often crowned as one of the coolest areas of Rome, Trastevere has a special vibe. Along with being a popular nightlife location, the medieval area is extremely lively during daytime. Take a walk along the cobblestone streets and get lost in this neighbourhood full of gelaterias, restaurants, and colourful sights!

Things to do in Trastevere:

  • People watch at Piazza di Santa Maria.
  • Explore Trastevere’s churches.
  • Stop by one or two (or three) gelaterias.
  • Take in the view from the Gianicolo Hill.
  • Visit a family-run trattoria and indulge in Italian food.

And this is our selection of the trendiest European neighbourhoods. Do you have any on your list? Come let us know in the comments!

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