Granada offers one of the best authentic Spanish experiences to its locals and its visitors - if you know where to look. You might only have 48 hours in the city, but you should definitely dedicate at least a couple of those hours to people-watching and observing the Spanish culture. Of course, visiting some of Granada's most famous attractions and falling in a food-coma from all the free tapas is also a must!

Day 1

Morning: The Alhambra

You should always visit the Alhambra in the morning - and try to do it as early as possible. Why? Because unless you’re buying the tickets online in advance, you might be left disappointed - Alhambra’s daily number of tickets are limited!

Make your way down to the Albayzín and stop by a taverna for lunch - Granada is one of the few Spanish cities where you can still find plenty of free tapas with your lunch order.

Afternoon: Albayzín

Walk up and down the streets of Albayzín. In 1994, the site became a Unesco World Heritage Site. Albayzín is full of charming narrow streets and beautiful views of the Alhambra as well as the rest of the Granada. It’s a perfect spot to snap some of the most gorgeous photos in Granada! If you want to make the most of it, make sure you stop by the colourful Camino del Sacromonte, home of Granada’s Roma community.

Evening: Granada City Centre at Night

Granada is absolutely magical at night, especially during summertime. So why not experience what this city is all about at nighttime? Take a walk around, stop at a bar, or see a flamenco festival. Spanish people come out at night to party and Granada residents are no different - it’s when the city comes to life!

Day 2

Morning: Visit Alcaicería

Grab breakfast on the go somewhere in the city centre and make your way to Calle de la Alcaicería, where you’ll find a colourful and lively Moorish market. It’s one of the most beloved places for grabbing a souvenir from your Granada experience. Alcaicería is a renovated market and a tribute to the old Moorish market, which was burned down in 1843.

Afternoon: Granada Cathedral and Surroundings

You’ll be spending the rest of the day in Granada city centre, so why not make yourself familiar with some of its buildings? Granada Cathedral is perhaps one of the most-known tourist attractions (apart from the Alhambra) and it’s well-worth your visit. Make sure to stop by the Royal Chapel and settle down to people watch at at least one plaza!

Granada Food Recommendations

So where do you find the best food places in Granada? Check out some of the most popular restaurants out there, complete with free tapas!

Bodegas Castañeda

Bodegas Castañeda might be always busy, but it’s well-worth the experience. Their beers include The Alhambra special and their atmosphere is a mix of Granada locals and curious tourists. Whether you’re with a big group or by yourself, a good food experience is guaranteed!

Address: Calle Almireceros, 1-3

Taberna Más Que Vinos

If you’re looking to try out authentic wines, Más Que Vinos is where you should go (and book your reservation beforehand). Along with tapas and, of course, delicious food, Más Que Vinos is most known for offering a variety of 25 wines from around the world - and, of course, Granada!

Address: Calle Tundidores, 10

Los Diamantes

As one of the oldest restaurants in Granada, Los Diamantes is always busy. Seriously, it’s busy. Expect to wait in line for a while, but we promise it’s all worth it. Along with free tapas, the restaurant also serves all kinds of delicious seafood.

Address: Calle Navas, 26

And that's our guide on how to make the most out of your 48 hours in Granada. Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!

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