Our team members come from all backgrounds and countries and everyone has a unique life story to tell. It’s time you get to know the faces behind Spotahome! In the process, why not get some insider tips on each of their cities?

Spotahome’s mission is to help those moving abroad find the perfect home in their city of destination. All of our properties are visited by a member of our team and since this process involves a lot of trust for everyone involved, we’d like for you to get to know the people behind the camera!

This month, we’d like to present Massimiliano Olivi from Rome. He’s here to give us insider tips on Rome and tell us a bit about his work with Spotahome!

Massimiliano Olivi!

Massimiliano, or Max as we affectionately call him, has been a Spotahome member since April 2015. His role as a Homehecker consists of going from one property to another, taking pictures and videos and making sure you know everything there is to know about your future apartment.

As he is a born and raised Roman, thereby making him an expert of the city, we’d like to present some of his top insider tips for Rome and how to make the most out of the Eternal City!

“Rome is like a mom – warm and full of sweetness. People here are extremely friendly… sometimes a bit too friendly!”

1. Which areas of the city are your favorite?

When I was a student, I frequently visited San Lorenzo and Trastevere – they’re full of life, especially during summer days. Now that I’m older, I prefer the Movida of Monti, one of Rome’s most charming neighborhoods. It’s very bohemian and full of hidden spots not many tourists know about.

Trastevere, Rome

2. What are some secrets of the city that not many people know about?

Did you know that Rome has a sea? Well, it does! The city of Ostia is just 20 minutes by train and offers a lot of seaside establishments for both daytime and nighttime activities. The water may not be as clear as the one in Sardinia or Bora Bora, but it’s perfect for a day of fun.

The city of Ostia, beach

Not everyone knows that there associations like Roma Sotterranea that organise tours of the most hidden corners of the ancient city. You can explore ancient roman aqueducts, catacombs and crypts just like Indiana Jones!

3. Would you like to share some of your top local tips for Rome?

Always make sure you are up to date with public transport news and demonstrations. They are very frequent and can literally paralyse the city. Using a bike can be an alternative, however, Rome doesn’t tend to have cycling lanes and drivers aren’t the best in the world when it comes to civic-mindedness. Please be careful!

Make sure you visit Rome’s parks. They’re the best for relaxing – especially Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili and Villa Ada. A very nice park to visit is Villa Torlonia – you are able to explore the ancient buildings for a very small price.

Villa Pamphili

Max’s go-to spots:

  • For an authentic Italian meal:Vecchia Roma. A local favorite, Vecchia Roma is one of the most frequented restaurants in Rome with typical dishes such as Amatriciana, Carbonara, Gricia pasta and best quality pizza and various meat dishes. Don’t forget to reserve a table a few days before you go!
  • For drinks with friends: Freni e Frizioni. The best place to have a drink, located in Trastevere, in the heart of Rome. It’s loved by vegetarians as it offers a variety of meat-free dishes.
  • For impressing your date: Nero di Seppia. It’s a small seafood restaurant with a very elegant decor and a variety of delicious dishes. Ideal for both work or a romantic dinner!
  • After a stressful day: La civetta sul comò. A game room in the San Giovanni neighborhood, perfect for releasing stress and just having fun. You can find walls of board and card games, available in several languages!

4. What was your favorite property you visited with Spotahome?

A wonderful 2 bedroom apartment in Rione Monti. It’s very elegant and has a beautiful terrace full of flowers. It’s close to the Movida but not in its heart – perfect for those needing some peace!

Max on his job at Spotahome:

It seems like it was yesterday when I recorded my first video for Spotahome. I was a complete mess! I hope I have improved and if not, I could always become a successful comedian!

A note for Max from Spotahome HQ: You weren’t a mess at all! You’re amazing at what you do, Max, and we truly appreciate your dedication and effort. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work ? Don’t start planning your career as a comedian just yet!

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