Most people might not realise that Rome holds a lot more than just beautiful history and a romantic atmosphere. Each year, hundreds of big and small summer festivals take place in various locations around Rome. We’ve gathered this year’s top 5 summer festivals in Rome, recommended by our wonderful Spotahome property checker and local of the Eternal City, Max.

From Max

1. Rock In Roma

When: 20th June - 19th August 2018

Price: Price range can vary from 17.25€ to 60€+. For concert tickets, visit the official website here.

Location: Ippodromo Capannelle, Via Appia Nuova, 1255, 00178 Roma, Italy

While many music festivals in Rome focus on more of a jazzy music side, this will certainly bring out the rocker in you. This year’s Rock in Roma holds artists from Slipknot, Muse and Linkin Park, to some of the more calmer voices like Sam Smith. The concerts are occurring on different days which gives you a chance to see all your favorite artists.

2. Gay Village

When: 2018 date to be announced

Price: While some events are free, please check the official website for ticket prices

Location: Parco del Ninfeo, Via delle Tre Fontane, Roma, Italy

If you’re looking for a vibrant, LGBT friendly summer festival, Gay Village is definitely a place to be. This outdoor parkland transforms into an awesome open-air festival, holding dance floors, bars, gyms, cinemas and a lot more, complete with live music by some of your favorite artists. It seems to be always full of events no matter when you decide to come for a visit.

3. Lungo il Tevere

When: From 9th June

Price: Free entry

Location: Lungotevere dei Mellini, 35, 00193 Roma, Italy

Lungo il Tevere seems to be a crowd’s favorite and is particularly popular with families and young people. If you’re in Rome during the summer and find yourself bored at any point, you can always visit this beautiful festival alongside Tevere river. With  of events happening, from live performances to food stalls, exhibitions, theatre and sports activities, this place is always buzzing with excitement.

4. Festival delle Letterature

When: Not announced for 2018

Price: Free entry

Location: Piazza del Campidoglio e Casa delle Letterature, Piazza dell’Orologio, 3, 00186 Roma, Italy

For those gentle souls looking for something different, Festival delle Letterature may be the ultimate festival where you can completely immerse yourself in the world of literature. Over the days, this unique summer festival holds readings of unpublished work, photo exhibitions, film projections and of course, books. Lots and lots of books.

5. Festival Caracalla

When: 23 June – 7 August

Price: Price ranges can vary from 25€ to 200€

Location: Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Roma, Italy

Speaking of something different, Festival Caracalla is definitely something you need to check out while in Rome, especially if you enjoy a variety of music styles. Among others, you will be able to catch performances by Elton John and Bob Dylan. This ancient archeological site transforms into a venue with some of the most beautiful music performances that are surely going to take your breath away.

6. Bonus festival: Roma Incontra Il Mondo

When: From June - August 2018 (dates not confirmed)

Price: to be confirmed

Location: Laghetto di Villa Ada, Via di Ponte Salario, 28, Roma, Italy

Food stalls and bars? Check. Fairytale setting? Check. Music from all over the World? Check.

Roma Incontra Il Mondo is one of Rome’s most unique summer festivals. It takes place next to the lake, amongst the trees in the idyllic Villa Ada Park. Its name translates to ‘Rome meets the World’, and that’s exactly what you can expect – music and food from all corners of the globe.

Photo source: Villa Ada: Roma Incontra Il Mondo website

It’s time to pack your suitcase and visit the eternal city!

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