Job hunting in London sounds like an impossible task for many. From applications to interviews, the process of finding a job is exhausting and nerve-wrecking. But did you know that there are certain times during the year that will give you a greater chance of scoring a job with a company you want to work for? Check out our tips below! Looking for an apartment in London? Click here!


The timeline of applying for a job

The average job search process takes approximately 6 weeks - this depends on the industry and the job you go for. If you’re looking for an office job, you’ll most likely have a series of interviews, first with HR, then you’ll submit a task, and then you’ll get to chat with the hiring manager. Depending on the company size, you’ll sometimes be asked to have a second interview with the CEO.

When is the best time to apply for a job?

The timing of job applications depends on the industry you want to work for. We’ll break it down with retail and office jobs.

  • Retail: September - October

Retail positions tend to fill up very quickly - especially in London. If you’re looking to improve your chances of finding the job, it’s best to get hired on a Christmas temporary contract. Christmas is one of the busiest times in London and businesses prepare for the rush months in advance.

The seasonal period for a Christmas temp job lasts around three months, from November to February. Usually, a few seasonal employees will be offered the chance to move to a permanent position with the retail business.

Vacancies for Christmas temp positions are normally advertised from September. Non-seasonal workers will have to search for vacancies on the company’s website or apply in store.


  • Office: January - October (with a few inconsistent months in between)

The recruitment time for an office environment is slightly different. By the second week of January, most companies will come back from vacation. Hiring managers will have to meet Q1 targets and given the fact that they have a better overview of their budget, they’ll be more active during the hiring process.

This same momentum can go on up until summer. Summer months tend to be a hit and miss and you’ll most likely be waiting longer to hear back about your job application and its next steps. Reason? The majority of managers go on holidays or they’re busy sorting out things when other people go on holidays.

September to October are known as the second wave of best months for the recruitment process. Most managers come back from vacation and they get back in the groove. And if you don’t get an office job on time, you can still catch the temporary gig wave with the retail industry!

Job hunting in London takes time and patience (and a lot of calls. And we mean it, a lot of calls). The competition is tough and the rejections come unexpectedly. If it’s your first time looking for a job, we recommend you to apply to as many places as possible - not only will this give you more opportunities, it will also allow you to practice!

But that’s our guide - what are your experiences with job hunting in London? Come let us know in the comments!

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