By now, you know that despite my current status as a nomad, a traveller and wanderer, I am Londoner at heart. And, while I roam the planet in search of inspirations, cultural immersions and food somersaults, I always keep an eye on my beloved L-a-a-a-ndon. The instagramers below are the ones you need to stalk if you:  live in London / want to live in London / are going to travel to London / are dreaming of travelling to London / are missing London / or simply want to be visually slapped  by the incredible London vibe.

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“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”― Dorothea Lange
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Where is red bus emoji when you need it??

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@londongrrl & @instagrrl

I do love #oxfordcircus at #Christmas! Happy 3rd of December ✨

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ᴏx sᴛ. . #lovelondon

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London | Blue #ldn4all_illuminate #london_only #lo_govote

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Looking for the section on American Politics because clearly there is something I don't understand.

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London, I will always Love You [1/3] . One of the things I have learnt and loved straight away about this city is the ability to help each other out and to fight for the right causes. Here, I have been able to raise money for a charity close to my heart (still open and here again we need to join our efforts for a much-needed second helicopter for the London Air Ambulance (@ldnairamb). . Do you know how many emergency calls are made in a day in London? About 8000. Do you know how many patient can this charity (yup, it's a charity!) save everyday? Four or five. Yes, not so many, but a very accurate algorithm selects the most dangerous and life-threatening cases and for those sends out a very qualified, flying team to them. And yes, in most cases they do saves lives. In most cases, people can thank this speedy ambulance that get to them just on time. Honestly, it's a much-needed and incredible service for a city of about 12 million people. . London now needs a second helicopter, text HELICOPTER to 70800 donate now and follow @ldnairamb. Thank you ?? . #helpotherpeopleeveryday ?

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