In light of recent news surrounding Brexit, a lot of people found themselves contemplating whether or not it’s worth staying in London or replacing it with a city like Dublin. Although often compared, the two cities are completely different from one another. On one hand, we have a city full of history, heritage and tradition, and on the other, we have a diverse cosmopolitan location with plenty of secrets. It’s the ultimate battle between London vs Dublin. Which one would you choose?


Let’s start with one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the London vs Dublin debate. Which city is more expensive to live in?

The affordability statistics seem to change depending where you’re trying to find your information. Comparison sites seem to say that London and Dublin can be just as expensive when it comes to affordability. Even the price of renting an apartment or going grocery shopping is largely the same in both cities. So it’s safe to say we can give a point to each!

London: 1
Dublin: 1


Dublin benefits from having easy access to buses, trams, and a train service called DART. You’re able to easily reach just about any destination. Tram tickets are inexpensive, their price depending on the zone you’re trying to reach. You can also buy a monthly bus ticket for €134 while the fare of train tickets depends on your desired location.

Meanwhile, London’s public transportation consists of the well-connected underground train system, an overground system, a DLR system as well as over 700 bus routes and river bus routes. Train ticket price depends on your chosen destination, however, a monthly Oyster card will cost you between £131 and £340 depending on the zone you’re living in.

When it comes to transportation and accessibility, we have to give it to London!

London: 2
Dublin: 1

Social life

Starting a new life in a city can be scary for those that can’t make friends easily. Which is exactly why both London and Dublin are a good choice! These diverse cities offer plenty of activities and events where you can meet like-minded people.

You can find plenty of social groups in both cities, as well as various meetups with people who share your passions and curiosity. As long as you put yourself out there, you’re bound to meet new people in each city!

London: 3
Dublin: 2

Local life

Both London and Dublin are known as popular cities for tourists. More than 8 million people visit Dublin annually, while that number doubles when it comes to tourists in London. With so many popular tourist destinations in both cities, can you really experience a true local life?

Well, the short answer is yes. But the long answer about enjoying the true local British life in London might be more complex as the city is so incredibly diverse and business-oriented. Meanwhile, Dublin offers a much more traditional atmosphere to make sure the city continues to embrace the typical Irish lifestyle.

London: 3
Dublin:  3


Speaking of complex, we have to talk about the food experience in both places. Both, London and Dublin are an absolute paradise for foodies that want to add variety and try some of the most unique cuisine types.

But if you’re looking to have the absolute best Irish meal ever, Dublin is the place to be. While London’s food industry is versatile, Dublin offers a much more intimate and personalized experience while still serving the best food ever. Point for Dublin!

London: 3
Dublin 4


And last but not least, we absolutely have to talk about the nightlife in both cities. If you’re coming to London and Dublin as a student, you’ll probably spend a lot of your Fridays (or weekdays, hey, we don’t judge) partying and dancing the night away in clubs.

While you can definitely find clubs and bars in Dublin, London wins this one for offering some of the most diverse selection of clubs you have ever seen. And as a bonus point, plenty of London clubs cater to students and offer discounts - they understand.

London: 4
Dublin: 4

It’s a tie! We can’t decide, so we’re asking you - if you had to choose between London or Dublin, where would you live? Let us know in the comments!

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