Are you a participant in the World Mustache Championship? Do you enjoy dressing up as a weightlifter from the 1920s? Do you own a mustache protector? Do you want to grow a mustache but you have answered ‘no’ to the previous questions? Then Movember is your chance to grow that piece of facial hair that will make you look like a rejected member of the Village People. Movember is a charity where people grow mustaches for all of November in order to fight poor health, both physical and mental, in men. To honour this, we have picked 5 of the best mustaches in history!

Movember Moustaches: The Top 5

5. Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali once went to a ball dressed as a glass-case cabinet that also housed a bra inside of it. This was a departure from his normal attire of a cape, so Dali’s mustache was one of his most defining features, not *the *defining feature. If his surrealist paintings had a dreamy, liquid quality to them, his mustache had a defiant edge to it, charged by a spark of mad genius.

4. Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy’s soup strainer is the least offensive things about him. He also said: “I’m in a glass case of emotion”, therby making the connection between all the men in this list a little bit less tenuous.

3. Tom Selleck

Not only did Tom Selleck turn down the role of Indiana Jones, he also turned down the role of Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch because he didn’t want to be seen as a sex symbol. Too late, Selleck. You’re already a sex symbol and it has everything to do with the ‘tache.

2. Charlie Chaplin

When he wasn’t busy impersonating Hitler, fathering children, or doing pratfalls, he maintained a moustache that looked great in black and white pictures. The mustache, the bowlar hat, and the cane became very much his trademark. He is considered now as one of the most influential people in cinema history because of the immense influence he had over the medium in its infancy. This is something that will probably never be said about Ashton Kutcher.

1. Borat

Sascha Baron Cohen has been sued a lot, particularly over his character Borat. He was sued by those drunk students from Southern Carolina, though he was only ever been sued successfully once. Fact: nobody has ever sued him over his mustache.

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**Honourable Mentions: **Stalin, Hulk Hogan, Ringo Starr, Supertroopers, Ron Jeremy.

Movember: How to get Involved

If you fancy growing some facial fuzz for Movember and rasie some money, you can join here. If you’re a woman and want to help, then become a Mo Sista without looking like a Soviet-era Olympian after taking steroids.

Both bearded and non-bearded (i.e. men and women) can host events  and raise money that help fight issues that affect men, such as prostate and testicular cancer, and depression. You can keep a log on the Movember page about how your mustache is going and what your goals are. A new initiative called Move, an idea dreamed up by the team behind Movember, aims to get men moving every day for the month of November.

In the Spotahome office, we are making it extra special by doing a challenge if we reach our collective goal of raising €5,000. If we raise the money, this writer will take swimming lessons because I’m afraid of water. I hyperventilate in the shower and I start shaking when I am standing next to a washing machine. But don’t worry about me, get involved with this awesome charity!

The only question left is whether your moustache will be an artist, a pencil, or a magnum?

Movember Shout-Out!

A big shout-out to Kemp ‘Carbonator’ Delo. He’s Laura’s Dad and Laura works right next to me in Spotahome. He’s been rockin’ the ‘tache since before Movember became a thing. We salute you, sir.

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