We at Spotahome don’t want to sound needy, but we need you. You completeus. You had us at ‘hello’. You make our stomach feel funny when you walk into the room. We need you because Spotahome** **is a communityand we are more than just houses, we are also want to make those houses into homes (the picture of the cheese is not a visual metaphor to suggest that that sentiment is in any way cheesy).

We are starting **Spotahome ****Collective **because we want to build that community with you so we can share and grow as a team!

Who do we want in the Spotahome Collective?

We are looking for people who use social media a lot, specifically people who use Instagram. So if you take more pictures than a teenage girl in her bathroom mirror, then we are looking for you. You will become part of the Spotahome** C**ollective**. Don’t worry, we’re not a cult. As part of this collective (still not a cult), you can send us 3-5 pictures on a week on fun things like travel, food and drink, and cool events. So while you’re doing your thing, Instagram it and send it to us! Especially if live in one of the Spotahome **cities, which include *deep intake of breath *Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Milan, Paris, London, Rome, Brussels, Lyon, and Dublin. If you are passionate about sharing your journey and inspiring people to explore the word, join us! If you want to be part of a community, join us!

What can the Spotahome Collective do for you?

To paraphrase JFK: ask not what the Spotahome** Collective can do for you, ask what you can do for the Spotahome Collective**. Well, ok then. If you collaborate with us, we will help promote your social media sites, and you’ll have access to some of other marketing channels. You can also collaborate with our blog and to be included in events. We can’t do this without you so, because of this, we will really value and appreciate you. We will even send you flowers on your birthday and compliment you on your new haircut!*

Finally, you can build up your portfolio and make your social media page awesome! #spotyourlife

How to join the Spotahome Collective

So now that we’ve sweet talked you and now you’re ready to make that special commitment to us (Spotahome** **Hearts You). Send us your contact information and social media handles to [email protected].

*DISCLAIMER: We probably won’t do this

Need Housing? Choose Spotahome!

If you want to find accommodation without any fuss, without stress, and with comfort and ease, then Spotahome has you covered. You can trust our personally checked apartments, and you can book them after watching a video of the property and looking at the floor plan on the Spotahome website. Simple!

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