Bureaucracy is never fun. It feels good to say because it's the truth. Signatures, papers, documents, stamps... Now you send off an email, now you receive one back, now you have to go to an office and then they have to sign something or other for you. It's always the same struggle, so one should be grateful when things turn out easy. For that reason, here at Spotahome we want to talk to you about all the things you shouldn't forget about if you're going to rent out a flat. At least all the things on paper. Take note.

1. Following and paying close attention to the law

We want to share what may seem quite straightforward: one has to do things by the book, in this case, following the law. And this covers a lot of areas. Furthermore, any contract you sign should have a determined, legal structure where all the landlord's obligations are clearly stated in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

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2. The signers

It's just as obvious as following the letter of the law. In the contract all the information belonging to all the signers of the rental contract should appear, so that the identity of the person who wants to rent out the flat can be verified. It will be the signers who will have to face up to any legal eventuality or problem.

3. Adjust the price

The price is at the discretion of the owner so it just depends on if the tenant wants to accept it or not. It can't hurt to take a look at rental rates of other properties in the surrounding area so that you can compare and if possible, add a fairer price. Do you have, for example, a flat in Barcelona that you want to rent out? Well then take a look at the price offered on Spotahome for the city.

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4. An inventory and description of the housing

This point is, without doubt, one of the most important ones. Are you a meticulous, scrupulous person when it comes to looking at the finer details? Well, you will have to be so and then a bit more. Everyone would like to receive the entirety of what they gave in the first place. If we're talking about housing, then of course this worry is all the more significant. Therefore, it is prudent to write an inventory of everything inside the flat: first, so that the tenant is aware and second, so that it's reflected in the contract in case of any problem which could arise. Adding a meticulous description of the housing conditions, that way you protect yourself with the sufficient legal guarantees to ease your worries. The traditional way of ensuring against any possible damage done to the house is a deposit but there are also alternatives like online renting without a deposit which Spotahome offers.

5. Time frame

What do we mean when we say the time frame? It could mean anything really and it wouldn't be wrong. There must be included in the contract an agreed upon time scale which will forecast the end of the renting of the property and the possibility (or not) of extending the tenancy. Additionally, monthly payment due dates must be taken into account which if violated could result in breaking the contract or the returning of the deposit date, if there is one.  

6. Repairs, renovations and costs

In the contract it should be stated the costs which will have to be paid by the tenant and by the landlord. This is also in the hands of the landlord, who if they please, can include certain costs into the rental price. Likewise, any repairs which will need to be carried out later on in the time period that the rental contract covers, these too should be specified as well as who will have to pay for them. Another topic are renovations which will be strictly forbidden without the prior consent of the landlord. Of course these are important matters.

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