Hello Summer! I am SO ready for ya!!

And if you are too, don't even read this article, just book your flight or ferry to Sardinia.


Honestly, I don't even know why I'm writing this article since everyone already knows about the endless, mesmerising beauty of Sardinian beaches, incredible sunsets and yummy food. But I get that if you just moved to Rome, you might not know that beautiful Sardinia is only an hour flight away from you.

Well...let me just show you something first....

LOL! Do you see that? That's only one tiny reasons of WHY you gotta go to Sardinia this summer.

1. Life is a beach and Sardinia has the best ones in the world

If you saw the pics above, I don't really need to add much...Sardinian beaches are  known around the world for their crystalline blue water and suggestive landscapes.

My favourites - where you'll probably find me in my best bikini lizard version this summer - are:

  • Punta Molentis
  • La Pelosa Beach
  • Tinnari
  • Spiaggetta del Porto and Spiaggia Longo
  • Porto Pollo
  • Cala dei Gabbiani

If you are looking for an altitude holiday, don't worry, Sardinia not only has great beaches, but also unique mountains which makes it a perfect place for hiking, climbing and moutaineering in general.

2. Oh my Porceddu!

Vegeterians! before you leave, there are LOADS of veggie options for you too in Sardinia, like the ricotta fresca, Carasau and Guttiau bread and the Malloreddus pasta,
However, a special mention must go to the traditional porceddu which is a famous meat dish that must be tried at least once while on the island (I've heard it even turned a few vegetarians into meat-eaters...) It's made of suckling pig, slow cooked by camp fire or oven spit and often accompanied by delicious local Cannonau wine.
Sardinian sausage, Culurgiones, Pecorino, are also other incredible local dishes that you should taste in Sardinia.

3. Slooooooow down

Whether you are trying to escape from your busy student or work life in Rome, Sardinia is the perfect place to go this summer. You can either rent a yatch or you might want to head to the inland and unwind at one of the many incredible agriturismi* where visitors can relax with local farmers and experience the Italian countryside.

*An agriturismo is a farm restaurant which often offers lodging.

4. Traditions and Festivals

Sardinia's culture is mysterious and deeply rooted in the past. A clear sign, while driving around, are the over 2000 ancient Nuraghi (stone huts) still standing in the middle of the countryside.

Sardininans are also still very connected to their land and traditions through their gastronomic, religious and cultural festivals which take place all year round with September and October being the best months to experience them. Check them here and plan your trip accordingly.

5. Oh so sunny!

The weather in Sardinia is basically always sunny, especially during the summer months. It gets warm from April/May with temperature peaks in July and August, but it is sunny and nice until October. The most pleasant temperatures are in September and October, when it's not too hot but still warm enough for swimming and sunbathing.

6. Hanging out with the rich and famous in Porto Cervo

VIPs, actors, models, football players from Italy and the rest of the world seem to have a secret-not-so-secret rendez-vous in Porto Cervo every year. Real stars and wannabes sail aboard their yachts and spend a few weeks hanging out in all the different chic restaurants and bars. So come here, if you've got the FOMO.

7. Getting lost among the old streets of Cagliari

Probably the most beautiful city on the entire island. You could easily spend a week just wandering the streets and browsing the traditional stores and having delicious meals at all the various restaurants. After a couple of hours, I can see you already considering moving to Cagliari. And why shouldn't you?

8. Visit the hidden beaches

There are several beaches you can reach by car and by foot, but let me tell ya! The best ones - obviously - are the ones away from the crowds. So, get a boat and organise a tour around the peopleless best Sardinian beaches.

And you? Where are you going this summer? See you in Sardinia, perhaps?

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