“Why study in Germany” you say? We say “why not!”

These universities in Germany have AMAZING facilities!

Take it from our friends over at Studying in Germany – they offer plenty of information on studying in Germany, including all necessary paperwork you might need for your studies and so much more. Here’s what they say on why German universities are the best:

  • German universities offer promising study programs!
  • A variety of high-quality courses designed for your success.
  • No tuition fees!
  • Fantastic employment prospect.

So which are the top universities in Germany that have awesome campuses? Here they are!

1. Heidelberg University: The Great Hall

That’s the great hall. Living up to its name.

Faculties: 12
Total students: 30898
Total international students: 5,590
Best department: Natural Sciences
Programs in English: International Master’s programs

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2. Free University of Berlin: The Library

University of Berlin’s library has over 400,000 books. Knowledge time.

Faculties: 12
Total students: 34518
Total international students: 20%
Best department: Psychology
Programs in English: Bachelor’s (North American Studies), Master’s (for a whole list of master’s programs in English click here)

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3. University of Bonn: The Campus

It just looks so magical.

Faculties: 7
Total students: 35619
Total international students: 4522
Best department: Mathematics
Programs in English: English-Language Masters Program, Bilingual Programs, International Double Degree Programs (B.A. / M.A.), Postgraduate Training Programs, International Graduate Schools and Doctoral Programs

4. University of Freiburg: Medical Campus

A pond? On a campus? Looking THIS nice? With students everywhere?

Faculties: 4
Total students: 26467
Total international students: 3475
Best department:  English
Programs in English: For a whole list of University of Freiburg’s programs in English, click here!

5. University of Münster: The Main Building

Royal palace worthy.

Faculties: 15
Total students: 43000
Total international students: 3489
Best department: Marketing & Media Research
Programs in English: For a whole list of University of Münster’s programs in English, click here!

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