Turin is an amazing city. But there’s more to the Piedmont region than just the city!

From picturesque wine-country villages to incredible mountain vistas, there’s so much more waiting to be discovered just outside of Turin.

Check out some of our favorite day trips from Turin, and start planning your next excursion!

Le Langhe

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Barolo wine. So do yourself a favor and head to Le Langhe, and try it straight from the source in Barolo!

On your way out to a wine tasting at a cantina, you can make a pit stop for lunch in Alba, which is famous for its truffles and its massive, chocolatey-smelling Ferrero factory. Not exaggerating-- you can literally smell the Nutella in the air.

If you only have time for one day trip while in Turin, make it Le Langhe. The rolling, castle-dotted hills and charming villages alone are worth the visit.

Sacra di San Michele

This amazing abbey, which is built into the mountainside in the gorgeous Valle di Susa, is a site to see for history and architecture buffs.

After climbing up to the entrance, you enter through the steep and thoroughly creepy Scalone dei Morti-- the Stairway of the Dead, where, until recently, they used to keep the skeletons of dead monks on display to see-- to reach the main part of the abbey.

The rest is an amazing trip through medieval art and architecture that you won’t want to miss.


If you’re looking for Roman ruins but can’t get to Rome, head to Aosta.

With mountain vistas lining the background, Roman ruins never looked so impressive. And it’s all without the huge throngs of tourists that you’d find in Rome!


You can’t come to Turin without going up into the mountains. You just can’t. It’s practically against the law.

If you’re pining for some fresh mountain air, check out Ceresole. With a gorgeous lake and an entrance for hiking up into the mountains, you could do worse than to head up here for a day.

When you’re good and hungry, stop into the refuge and do what the Piemontese do: order yourself up a heaping helping of polenta, and relax with a delicious glass of wine.

Authentic, but relaxing? Not a bad deal.

The Lakes

Love lakes? There’s no shortage of them outside of Turin.

Lago Maggiore, Viverone, and Como are all amazing lakeside spots that are easily reached from Turin. Take your pick!


Tired of the mountains? Had your fill of wine? Is your apartment getting super hot in July?

Pack a beach bag, grab your favorite swimsuit, and drive down to Liguria.

You can reach Savona in just about an hour and a half by car from Turin. From Savona, just take your pick of charming seaside villages, lay your towel down, and soak up some of the Ligurian coast.

It’s no Amalfi coast or Lampedusa, but Liguria is a welcome reprieve from scalding-hot Turin in the summer months.

Be sure to bring some cash with you, as many restaurants and gelaterias don’t accept credit cards. And definitely don’t forget to try a pesto genovese while you’re there!


Turin is, like, really close to Milan. Why not explore it more?

If you haven’t seen Leonardo’s Last Supper by now, book your tickets (in advance-- they sell out quickly!) and head into cosmopolitan Milano.

Take the Metro to either Porta Susa or Porta Nuova Station, and hop on a 45-minute train to Milan. You can be back by sundown!

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite day trips from Turin? Tell us in the comments below!

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