Hey everyone my name is Adrian, I am a 20 year old student doing an internship for Spotahome in the marketing department. In today's blog I want to talk to you about the different factors that I believe make this online renting service the best in the industry and why I like it so much. Since I joined the company it was clear to me that with Spotahome our main mission is to make renting a property as quick and easy as having a coffee. AND it is, literally all you have to do is filter out what you are looking for, find the perfect property for you, request to book it and get ready to move-in, all while sitting in the comfort of your home behind your laptop or mobile phone!

That being said, we offer an unbeatable service and experience! We offer our services completely online, check out properties with our team of home checkers who take professional and honest photos of the property, a detailed video and a floor plan of the house. This step is key in our services because we put all our heart to put you in the best possible conditions to make a safe decision regarding your future home.

Our spotahome guarantee is totally necessary for you to feel at peace with your booking and not have to worry about your reservation and payments. That's why we offer full support to all tenants who book through Spotahome, secure payment, 24 hour arrival protection and cancellation policy.

We are present in over 100 cities and continue to grow with our most popular in Europe like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London and many more!

Our services are perfect for students looking for accommodation for their studies without having to travel and visit the property first. We offer a large number of shared rooms for a reduced budget, and a unique living experience! Of course, we also offer studio apartments and entire apartments. Whether you are a student, young professional or a family looking for a new home Spotahome offers a range of properties that match your personal criteria, simply go to our site, apply the filters that match your needs and choose from the options that are offered. Once you have found the perfect accommodation, all you have to do is make a reservation request through our website and wait for the owner's response! During this step you can enter my promotional code "ADRIAN20" to receive a 20% discount on our service fees.

Now all that's left to do is pack your bags and move to your new home and start an adventure you'll never forget!

I hope this blog has convinced you to take your next step, and that you finally find the motivation to start a new adventure! Have a great day ;)

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