You can cancel your booking at any time. Here’s how it works: You won’t be charged for cancelling a booking before the landlord accepts it. But if you cancel after your booking is accepted, your Spotahome fee won’t be refunded, and you may lose some of the rent you paid upfront.
No, but the beauty of booking with us is that you don’t have to. Our team verify the properties for you, leaving you more time to plan, pack, or just relax.
We have tenants of all ages and nationalities in our properties, but we cannot share their details with you for privacy reasons.
Homecheckers are people we employ to verify properties for you. They create the digital floor plans, video tours, and photos you see on our listings. You can trust a Homechecker. They’re your eyes and ears in each of our cities as they live there. And we give them weekly feedback to help them, help you. In Belgium, our Homecheckers only operate online.
You’ll pay your Spotahome fee (not charged in London) and first rental payment. This money will stay safe until after you move in. We’ll also put you in contact with your landlord so you can organise a check in time. The only other thing for you to do is relax – you’re on the move!
You have 24hrs to let us know if everything is okay. If you think you’ve been missold to, or our listing was significantly different to what you got, we’ll help you find somewhere else to live. If there are more serious issues, we can help cover the cost of a hotel, or refund your money if necessary.
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