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Living in Berlin as a student can be a dream come true. The atmosphere here is hyped, eclectic, and fun-packed as there are just so many exciting things to do and adventourous places to go.

Even if you are not much of an extrovert and prefer to keep to yourself and enjoy some quiet moments, you will still love Berlin as there are many places you can chill out. Parks, museums, cafes, libraries…the list is endless.

Another reason why moving to Berlin to study makes a lot of sense is that you will get an unlimited opportunity to socialize. As a major educational hub in Germany, Berlin attracts hundreds of thousands of students from different countries every year. Unless you just don’t want to, making friends wouldn’t be a problem.

The best part about living and studying in Berlin is that living cost in this city is low, and you can get nice student apartments at competitive rates.

Why do students live in Berlin?

Living in Berlin comes with so many perks, hence why you’d find a lot of students in this ancient city.

Firstly, Berlin has a lot to offer regarding recreational activities, allowing students the opportunity to socialize as they want. There are also lots of cinemas, museums, parks, clubs, and fun spots in Berlin, making it a haven for fun-seeking students.

Another reason students live in Berlin is that quality education is commonplace here. In fact, studying in Berlin puts you ahead of your peers and can give you a leg-up when you want to find a job. Plus, most Universities in Berlin teach in English, saving prospective students the trouble of learning the Deutsch.

Another reason why students find living in Berlin attractive is that the cost of living here is very low. Compared to other European cities, Berlin is one of the cheapest cities to live in, and student apartment here is largely affordable. For example, you can rent a spacious room in a shared apartment for as low as €300/month in Berlin.

Is Berlin cheap for students?

The long and short answer is yes. As we earlier said, Berlin is one of the cheapest cities to live in Europe.

But how much does it cost to live in Berlin exactly? We can’t exactly tell as there are many variables that come into play. Nonetheless, we will give you a breakdown of the living expenses in Berlin as that will help you figure out how much you will likely spend as a student while in Berlin.

A plate of meal - €10

A bottle of coke/pepsi - €2.5

A bottle of water - €1.95

1 litre of milk - €1

One-month of transportation ticket - €90

One month of internet connection - €37

With these figures, you should have a fair idea of how much it costs to live in Berlin on average.

Is it common to share a student apartment in Berlin?

Shared apartments are undoubtedly the cheapest apartment option both in Berlin and other cities of the world. This makes it an ideal option for students and anyone on a budget.

As such, shared apartments are common among students in Berlin, and you will find many of them on Spotahome.

Contrary to what you might think, shared apartments are super comfortable, spacious, and have all the amenities to make you live like a King/Queen.

How much does a student apartment cost in Berlin?

The cost of a student apartment in Berlin varies greatly and depends mainly on the type of apartment option you want and the location.

As a rule of thumb, the closer the apartment is to the city center, the more expensive it will likely be.

As for apartment option, shared apartments are the cheapest. You can get them for as low as €300/month. However, you won’t enjoy good privacy in a shared apartment.

You are better off going for a studio apartment or a student residence if privacy matters a lot to you and still want to save money. Studio apartments in Berlin cost as low as €595/month and are often spacious. On the other hand, student residences cost as low as €630/month.

What bills are included in the rent of a student apartment in Berlin?

The bills included in the rent for student apartment are hardly fixed. It varies from property to property and depends mostly on the landlord owner.

Usually, landlords tend to include utility(electricity, water, and gas) and wifi bills in rents, though not all the time. We suggest that you find out what is included in your rent before making payments.

How can you find student apartments in Berlin?

There are several ways to find student apartments in Berlin. For example, you can choose to go through an agent, but you’d spend more and might waste a lot of time.

The best way to find a student apartment is by using a rental website such as Spotahome. We have countless apartment options you will really like on our site.

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