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  • Free professional photo session
  • Free HD video tour
  • Free detailed floor plan

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  • Fully online process
  • No need to arrange viewings
  • You decide everything

Reliable, trustworthy tenants

  • Choose your tenant's profile
  • National and international tenants
  • Students and professional tenants recommended by our partners
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How does it work?

  1. We publish your property on our website with professional photographs, a HD video and a detailed floor plan for free.
  2. Our tenants navigate our easy-to-use website to select your property.
  3. The tenant books and pays the first month’s rent in advance through Spotahome.
  4. We send you a booking request with all the relevant information about the tenant (age, nationality, place of work or study…) and you have 24-48 hours to accept or reject the booking request.
  5. If you accept the booking we will put you in contact with the tenant and upon his/her arrival, we will send you the first month’s rent minus a small commission.
  6. On the check-in date you arrange the contract, deposit and keys directly with the tenant. Our customer service team will support you through the entire process.
"Spotahome has carried out a dedicated work with the video, photos and floorplan of my property. Due to this, future tenants will get a much more reliable and accurate idea of the property when renting it. They are great professionals, thank you very much Spotahome!!"
Angela Cruz, landlord Seville
"Very professional photographer, nice and funny. I really like the service that Spotahome offer (professionalism and quality). All the staff are kind and helpful."
Riccardo Perfili, landlord Rome
"The photo session went great. Jonatan - the photographer - was very professional and kind. He clearly loves his job. I'm curious to see the advert on your website. Thanks a lot for this opportunity."
Divina Derose, landlord London
"I’m very satisfied with the service of Spotahome. The runners are very professional, the presentation is excellent and the ads are very well presented. I think it’s reassuring for the tenants that the properties are checked by Spotahome. I hope that my collaboration with Spotahome will continue."
Oksana Golubtsova, landlord Brussels
Ready to join spotahome for free?Let's get started

Why should you list your property with us?

We are here from Monday to Sunday to help you with everything you need.

We will help you to advertise your properties with us and manage your bookings.

We will be there to support you in every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

Will I Need to Show My Property to All Interested Tenants?
For your convenience, Spotahome will check your property once and collect all the information needed to advertise your property on our platform.
Is Spotahome's Service Exclusive?
There is no exclusivity with Spotahome, you can also advertise your property on other websites or anywhere else you want to publish the property.
Can I Have Specific Requirements For The Tenants?
If you have any special policies or requirements for your tenants you can let our property checker know when they visit so we can add it to our listing along with the rest of the information collected.
What type of landlords do Spotahome deal with?
We work with all kinds of landlords, property managers, residence halls and student accommodation companies. Our only requirement is that you legally manage the property in order to be able to accept bookings from us without any problem.
What kind of properties can I publish?
We advertise rooms in shared apartments or residence halls, studios, entire houses and entire apartments. What is important is that the property is ready to live in, furnished, with the utilities ready to work (electricity- gas- internet- etc).
How long can I rent my property for?
Our minimum stay is 1 month, but you decide the length of the contract. The minimum stay can be 1 month, 2, 3, 4, etc. The same also applies to the maximum stay. We always recommend that you have competitive terms and conditions so your properties will be rented much faster.

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