Special landlord policies

Policies & Conditions

LAST UPDATE : November 6, 2020

Rent Account

  • Rent Price: Price as shown is valid until 31st August 2021. From 1st September 2021 the Landlord will apply a 50% increase on the price shown.
  • Other bills: 50 € per tenant, per month
  • Waste Disposal and other indivisible services: 9 € per month (billed at the end of the year or at the end of the lease).

First Payment

  • First rent payment paid on a pro-rata basis (for example: if you move in on the 20th of June, the first month's rent will be just 10 days rent, from 20th-30th June)
  • Contract registration fee : 1% of annual rent.
  • Contract stamps : 32,00 €
  • Invoice stamp : 2,00 €
  • Deposit:
    • 1 month rent for stays up to 5 months.
    • 2 months rent for stays exceeding 5 months.
  • Administrative fee:
    • 91,50 € (75 € + VAT) for stays exceeding 2 months

Key points of the contract

1- Each payment must be made by the first day of the month at the latest.

The following fees and costs are not included in your monthly rent :

  • Contract termination fee : 67 €
  • Administrative termination fee : 91,50 € (€75 + VAT)

2- The contract duration is 4+4 years with a minimum stay of 1 month. The termination date of the contract must be defined during the booking process.

3- The check-in or check-out process will be done by the Company's Key Exchange Agent and will be made upon request by email from the tenant with a notice of at least 3 business days, directly at home from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for the holidays. In case of not returning the keys or not requesting an appointment within the limits indicated, the company reserves the right to apply a fine of 200 €.

4- At the end of the lease period, the lessee will pay 40 € + VAT as cleaning service for the common areas. If the lessee fails to return the room in a perfectly clean and tidy condition, the lessor shall charge the lessee a penalty of 120 € for additional damage.

5- In case of failure to make the rent payment for a period equal to or greater than 15 days, the lessor shall charge the lessee a penalty of 50 € per month.

Final steps and Deadlines

The potential tenant will receive a booking from our system via email. So, we ask :

  • A copy of their identity card or passport.
  • The Sublease contract and the Tenants rules signed on all pages (Italian Versions).
  • The receipt of the first payment specified in the Email.