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    An easy online renting experience for you to spend time on what really is important
    We verify the properties, you spot them online
    Honest photographs, videos and descriptions for you to make safe decisions
    We put all our hearts in solving problems for you not to worry

    I found a nice room and within minutes of sending my booking request I was accepted.

    Francesco, Barcelona

    The Spotahome Guarantee

    By booking online, we understand you’re making a big commitment. That’s why we guarantee every tenant that books with us our full support. Secure payments, 24 hr after arrival protection, and a cancellation policy come as standard.

    Fraud protection

    Let us know any issues within 24 hrs of moving in. We’ll only transfer your rent to the landlord after you give us the go-ahead.

    Last-minute cancellation support

    If a landlord cancels last minute, we will either pay for a hotel and help you find somewhere new, or refund your money in full.