If you love drinking beer, then Brussels should be at the top of your list of places to visit. Home to renowned breweries, traditional bars and even beer-inspired museums, Brussels is often called the world’s beer capital, and rightly so. Not to mention Belgians are a cheerful bunch and their waiters are no exception ? Although the city has hundreds of fantastic bars to choose from, here’s our round-up of the top 5 beer bars in Brussels. Cheers!

Top 5 bars in Brussels for avid beer drinkers:

1. Chez Moeder Lambic Fontainas8 Place Fontainas

If you like trying different kinds of beers from Belgium and around the world, then Chez Moeder Lambic Fontainas is your best bet. The most unusual feature is perhaps the fact that they serve draft beer (from the taps) instead of bottled ones. You’ll be amazed by their selection available! If you need to eat while you drink, then you can also get their quiches and cheese.

2. Cantillon Brewery56 rue Gheude

This place is the true Mecca for all beer lovers! Founded in 1900, Cantillon brewery also acts as a museum, welcoming visitors from all over the world where you can either hire a guide or guide yourself through it. Depending on the day you go, you may catch a glimpse of the brewing or bottling process. Make sure you check beforehand what beers they have available for you to savour on site and what beers you can purchase for take away as the selection changes quite often.

3. PoechenellekelderRue du Chêne 5

If you’re going to the (in)famous Mannekin Pis statue, then you’ll find Poechenellekelder on the opposite side. Although it’s right by such a touristy area, you’ll find many locals having their sip there and the atmosphere is truly authentic. If you’re craving something to nibble on as you delight in your deliciously cold brew, they’ve got a selection of tasty traditional Belgian sandwiches and snacks.

4. La Bier Circus57 Rue de l’Enseignement

This bar is also near the Mannekin Pis statue (okay, so even though this statue is a lot smaller than you thought, it took you to so many great places!) and has an impressive collection of beers – more than 200! The food is also remarkable as it all contains beer as an essential ingredient and is served in large portions (do not miss their meatloaf as it’s a heavenly experience…). If you want to try as many beers as possible, take this piece of advice: remember to work your way up the alcohol content; start slow by drinking something with 5% such as Silly Bio Pils.

5. Le CorbeauRue Saint Michel 18

This place is great for lunch as their set menu is budget-friendly yet filling. At night it tends to get packed, so go early! Le Corbeau also features live music which is excellent, so you might want to stick around for a while after dinner. And make sure to try the obscure Belgian beers like Floris fruit beers, Delirium Tremens, and Framboise that are hard to find elsewhere.

Of course there are more bars in Brussels, but these are our favourite! Did we miss any that you frequent? Let us know!

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