When I moved to London, back in 2008, I had two massive culture shocks. The first was the lack of little cute independent cafes to get my espresso morning kick. The second, was the (British) food.


All the stereotypes about food beyond the Channel suddently were on my taste buds.

Chicken on pasta.
Chicken on pizza.
More potatoes.
Ketchup on pizza.
Beans on toast for breakfast.
Beans on toast for lunch.
Beans on toast for dinner.
Scotch eggs.
More potatoes.


I almost left my promising internship in London because of British food.
And I am not even joking.

But. But then, I decided I had to give it a try. Ask around, search for tiny restaurants off the main roads and steer clear of the touristy areas. This is how I found out about the British Food Fortnight which opened up a world to my unhappy palate.

What is the British Food Fortnight?

The British Food Fortnight is the biggest national celebration of British food and drink.

Since 2002, at the beginning of the harvest season, people in the food and drink industry come together to celebrate British food in all of its glory. The other important purpose of the festival is to promote the benefits of buying local.

London Events at the British Food Fortnight

This year, from 22nd September to 7th October, hundreds of activities will take place around London and across the UK. Make sure to check the schedule and plan a few foodies hangouts.


The celebrations include food tastings in pubs, restaurants and shops, food events in care homes for the elderly, special menus in hospitals, family feasts in children's centres, amongst other events.

You can even organise your own event and be listed on the official website. Simply contact BFF with the details of your food event.

Enter the 2018 Competition

The British Food Fortnight also includes a competition to find the best community celebration of British food.
This popular competition has attracted all sorts of entries, from care homes, to schools, to villages and entire cities. It's a great opportunity to celebrate and promote the food made and produced in their part of the country.

Get involved for 2018 - How to enter:

Hold a celebratory event during British Food Fortnight (22nd September - 7th October 2018). Then email the details of your event along with plenty of photos.


Buying British - Buying Local

Choosing local food and produce over imported makes a huge impact:

The Local economy

In this case, buying British means supporting British farmers. Wherever you are in the world, if you buy local, you will be supporting that economy. Not only the potato farmer in Yorkshire, but the entire value chain coming from him up to the retailer where you buy your potato from.


It's good for the environment

Additionally, if you buy local, it means that the food doesn't have to travel that far. Which means that that potato you buy has a lower carbon fooprint than if you were to buy a Spanish or Brazilian potato.

In Season

Eating in-season fruit and veggies is very good for you. The fresher the produce, the less loss of vitamins, therefore healthier for you too. Some of the stuff you buy in supermarkets have been travelling for weeks before reaching you. How can that apple be good for you?

Watch this video to understand why you should buy British food while living in London.

Even if you are somewhere else in the world this British Food Fortight, it doesn't mean you can't get involved. Why don't you get in the food mood and start cooking something tasty? The British Food Fortnight's website has a rich recipe section where you can get inspired. So get your apron on and start cooking!

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