At Spotahome, we know it's not the easiest time right now and we know that plans can change.

We've listened to your concerns and to help you rent your new home with confidence, we've introduced our Summer Flex policy, giving you the confidence to book and the ability to amend your booking should your plans change.

How does Summer Flex Work?

Here's a simple diagram which explains the new policy, which is valid for bookings on or after 11 May 2020 with a move-in date up to 31 July 2020:

Spotahome Summer Flex Cancellation policy 

The exception is for bookings in London, where there is no Spotahome fee charged, meaning there is no refund of the Spotahome fee regardless of the notice period.

What happens to bookings with a move-in date after 31 July?

After the Summer Flex period finishes, you still have some flexibility to cancel your booking although you'll need to plan a little further in advance.

For example, to get a refund of the Spotahome fee and the first rent payment we ask that you give us 60 days notice or more.

For more information see our Summer Flex cancellation policy page in the Help Centre.

Once your new home is sorted, it's time to relax, enjoy the summer now that most countries are allowed outdoors once again.

To rent a home without leaving your sofa, visit Spotahome. We have rooms, flats and student residences in major cities across Europe.

Here's some more resources to help you make a smooth move: