Living in the UK – particularly London, is expensive. Let's say the truth, it's really expensive.

If you are moving to the British capital, you need to be prepared financially, especially if you have been saving up for quite some time before the move. If you are looking to get a job or an internship in London, make sure you are fully prepared.

Here are the important things you need to take care before and after you move to London:


It's no such a big news that London has one of the most expensive rents in the world, Thankfully, Spotahome features the easiest way to find your new home in London, even before you arrive. Spotahome database allows you to save a lot of money you would spend in temporary accommodation like hotels and hostels as well as in transports running around to see flats. On Spotahome, you can search and book your property 100% online and have your place sorted before you even arrive.

The best part is that our listings are verified in person by our Homecheckers and we create 360° photos, video tours and floor plans so you can book in confidence avoiding the frequent online scams. And it's guaranteed!
There are plenty of options to choose from on Spotahome. I personally can already see myself hosting little parties on this patio or sharing this room with my partner.

Moving Costs

Moving overseas can be super expensive. I have done it quite a few times and between shipping, storage and giving away things I think I've lost a few thousand pounds in the last decade. This is why I now lead a minimalist life. Less is more (money)in your pocket, got it?

Food & Drinks

London features hundreds of local and international food venues. From the cheap-ish market stalls to some Michelin restaurants. Buying your own grocery and cooking at home is the number one trick to save A LOT of money on food and drinks.


Oh dear, if you are moving to London for work and you need to commute to get to your office, you better plan strategically. First, you need to find a home close to the office and secondly you need to learn how to get from A to B using the public transports.
Otherwise, get a bike and save money while getting fit as I did for many years!


"No Sir, if you get tired of London, you get tired of life" said Samuel Johnson. And I bet there weren't so many entertainment options when he came up with the most famous quote about the big city. Still, London has so many options and things to do all year round, it is literally impossible to get bored. We've picked some of the free things you could only do in London. If you are a student, make sure to use your discounted entry to museums, cinemas and clubs.

Initial Costs


As soon as you land in London, it is important that you financially settle in the capital with a local bank account.

Health Insurance and NIN

If you have a private health insurance - which you should have - great! If you don't, then remember to apply for a National Insurance Number as soon as you meet the requirements (article about this coming later this month!).

Mobile phone

If you’ve brought your mobile phone from home you still need to buy a local SIM card or unlock your phone from your previous carrier. Before choosing your network, make sure to check the best deals in the UK.

Need more tips about moving to London? Let us know in the comment section below!

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